Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015: A Summary

So, I'm back! Good thing I didn't delete this blog. :D

I've changed so much over the past year. I'll summarise it as fast as I can.

1) I graduated from university. I officially have my Law degree! It was a hard final year but I managed to do well enough to leave with a 2:1! I don't want to be a Lawyer though.

2) I'm now preparing to apply for Medical School in September 2016 (please don't judge me!) so I'm studying for that at the moment.

3) I am writing again. Yeah I know I said I was no longer writing last year but since graduating, I've had lots of time so I've been writing here and there.

4) I am currently working in a part time job. Won't mention where but I don't really do much half the time so I get lots of writing ideas. And I daydream about my future a lot!

5) I am now 23. I feel so old!

So that's a pretty okay summary.

2015 was a good year for me, I think. I only had one resolution (to get a 2:1 in my degree) and I got that which has never happened (the whole actually fulfilling a resolution) so that's nice.

I'll probably writing more on here in the future. I think I'll try and stick to once a month at least.

Right now, I'm studying for the GAMSAT which is an exam that's required for anyone applying for graduate medicine. It's taking up a lot of time but it's been going okay.

Finally, hello again everyone!