Thursday, 30 January 2014

Why You Never Finished 'That' Project

Hello. Is anyone there? It's been so long I doubt anyone is but if you are then hi!

It's taken me a long long time to finally get the time to come onto here to write a blog post and I feel really guilty. (I promise I was not avoiding blogging on purpose.)

So, over my very long 21 years on this Planet, I have started many different projects. When I was 6 (or 7, I don't remember), I was going to build a rocket so I could go to space and see the stars. I only ever finished the drawing of the rocket. I never got onto the prototype. I didn't even colour the drawing in.

Then when I was 9, I was going to learn Italian because I wanted to be a Roman (I didn't know then that the Romans spoke Latin). All I can remember these days is Ciao and Arrivederci. So that didn't go down too well.

And after that, I began many novels and never got further than chapter 3. In fact, I've lost count of how many I've even started.

Here is a list of reasons why projects never get finished. This list is not exhaustive by the way. There may be many other reasons why. 

1) You never really wanted to do it in the first place. It was a Sunday. Everyone was busy or unavailable. Nothing decent was on the telly. You didn't have any comfort food. So you started your project. But then something fun comes up and you move on. The only reason you started the project was because you had nothing else to do. And when that something else came up, adios project.

2) You didn't have anything to keep that initial buzz going. When you first get your idea, it shoots adrenaline through you. You get excited and you just get going because you have so many ideas in you. Everything feels possible. But the problem is that nothing lasts forever. Even trees don't last forever because humans chop them down. If you want to start a project, give yourself a goal. But don't just come up with a goal and stop there. Make a visual representation of that goal so every time you look at it, it gives you a little buzz. But the visual representation has to mean something to you. The first novella I completed was with the help of the last few sentences. I wrote them up on an A4 piece of paper and drew a border around it. I stuck it onto my desk with tape. I finished it within 2 weeks.

3) It was a bad idea to begin with. You're never going to lose 10lbs in a week unless you chop a part of one of your limbs off. You're never going to be able to learn a language fluently in a couple of months. I don't know why but I've noticed we all tend to get a few really bad ideas every now and then. Because of this, I now ponder over my ideas for a few weeks before I start them. By then, I usually know if it's a bad idea or not.

4) You never gave yourself the time. If you're going to do something, you need to write down when you're going to do it. Keep a weekly diary and so if you plan something, you can slot it down to make sure it gets done.

5) You couldn't be bothered. Sometimes in life, better things come up. Sometimes they're more important. And sometimes they're more fun. And that's okay. Really. But it's probably wise to actually try or you could have missed out on something really awesome.

6) You have ADHD. This is not a diagnosis. See a GP. I am not a medical professional.

If anyone else has any other reasons why projects don't get finished, feel free to write it in a message below!

Kamille Elahi


  1. Hello! I'm still here! *waves*

    I've had plenty of abandoned projects over the years, so I found myself nodding a lot when reading this list, heh. Also, I completely agree with your advice for #4. This is exactly why I keep a planner, so I don't cave to my procrastinating ways and fall off track!

    1. Hi there!

      More people need to keep planners imo. They're brilliant!

  2. Hello! I've been trying to get back into blogging too. I have so many projects I haven't finished and say it's because of time. Time and stress that saps away the energy to go it.

    1. Hello to you too!

      I hope you find the time to get back to blogging and your projects! Free time is so hard to find. Good luck with your projects

  3. Kids. =) Yup, that's my singular excuse. Don't need any others, but I could toss husband in there, or dirty house thanks to both of those. I think the previous summary suffices.

    1. Maybe you could get your kids to work on your projects for you?! :D


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