Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Funny Crap On The Internet 1

The past few weeks have been a goldmine when it's come to finding really funny stuff on the internet. And I'm going to share it all with you! So sit back and have a few laughs. Caution: some swearing in this post.

Funny Crap 1 - The Woman Who Can't Parallel Park
I remember when I was learning to parallel park. It was the worst thing I ever had to learn but eventually I learnt how to park. But never did I hit a car. In fact, my first time parking on the side of the road took less than 3 minutes. And this woman was at it for half an hour! The funny thing is that even when she hits other cars and messes up badly, she still tries. I have to give it to her though; she has a lot of determination! 

The guys recording this have lovely accents though! I think I laughed more at what they were saying than the actual parking. The ending was hilarious though when they were all cheering!

But this video makes me glad that I'm too poor to afford a car. 

Funny Crap 2 - Doc Brown  
My Proper Tea 
Being British and in love with tea, I can totally relate to this! 

There are some other videos of this comedian on Youtube and I was tempted to put all of them up but I thought it might be a bit annoying so I'll put another video up of one of his vids and let you search for the others if you're interested. 

Racist Rap

Funny Crap 3 - Russell Howard Vids

I'll post 2 videos for Russell Howard! 

Funny Crap 4 - Hair Craze in Japan 
Click here to read an article from the Daily Mail showing some other cool hairstyles from Japan. 
These hairstyles may be a bit eccentric but you have to just love them! Sometimes I'm tempted to do something cool with my hair but being a law student, I kind of have to be boring haha!

I hope you had fun going through this post and hope you all have a good week! :D



  1. LOL! Those are some funny clips! Love the proper tea and Russell Howard is hilarious. :D

  2. Oh, fun! There can never be too much funny stuff on the internet, I think. Of the vids, the Russell Howard ones were easily my favorite--I was cracking up so much while watching! And whoa, you weren't kidding about that hair being eccentric! They're certainly not lacking any creativity over in Japan, it seems, haha.

    1. I know. I can waste hours just watching comedy!

      Yeah I know. I think they're very brave though.


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