Saturday, 4 May 2013

A Confucius Quote

“Life Is Really Simple, But We Insist On Making It Complicated.” – Confucius 

I came across this quote a couple of weeks ago, wrote it down on a post-it note and placed the note inside my diary so every day when I open my diary, this quote reminds me that I don't have to do everything the hard way. 

In life we often forget about simplicity. 

We forget about how it feels to have the wind blowing on our face and shield ourselves from the blustering instead. 

We forget the beauty of the sunrise and spend that time instead on commuting to what is nowhere in the grand scheme of things. 

We forget about the joys of walking through nature and watch reality television instead to wind down after a long day lost within a collection of long days that will end the same way. 

Our whole lives will be devoted to working in jobs we don't like, to buy stuff we don't need. And we're going to complain about it a lot. I have to commute during rush hour way too many times and the number of tired people I see collapse onto train seats with a briefcase at bursting point and eyes that have been stung by lack of sleep makes me feel really depressed. 

Our futures are full of jobs, taxes, utility bills, financial pressures and everything that makes you want to bang your head into a wall repeatedly until you pass out. 

That's what we see when we look at the future. 

But when I see that quote, it reminds me to the of the future where I go on picnics in summer with my family and where I sit on a beach with a iced slushie drink and watch the sunset. I'd rather think of this future than the other. 

And yes, I am a very simple person. According to nearly everyone around me. 


Thursday, 2 May 2013

On Voting For The First Time


I voted for the first time today in the local council elections in the UK that is going on today. I didn't actually know about this since I've spent the last couple of weeks with my head under textbooks and dictionaries so when my Mum told me, I suddenly got excited.

Now, I've actually been persuading my Mum politically for a good few years now. I'm proud of the fact that I can actually persuade my parents politically. It's great fun!

But today, I was able to go and make my voice heard. Now, my vote probably won't make a difference because the area I live in is very Conservative and I don't vote for them. But recently, British Politics has because the shitty skidmark of the UK. Even lawyers are liked more than our politicians!

So I went to the polling station and gave my vote while jumping around like a hyena on crack. The people there must have thought I was crazy.

And then we left. And it feels pointless. Absolutely pointless. I spent many years wishing I could vote and now that I do, nothing. Absolutely nothing. I feel disappointed. My vote probably made no difference. But do I regret it? No. At least I made good use of my vote!

So that,s my story. I guess. I'd be interested to hear about your opinions on voting and what your first time voting was like. Did you feel disappointed in the same way? Or did it fill you with hope?


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Funny Crap On The Internet 1

The past few weeks have been a goldmine when it's come to finding really funny stuff on the internet. And I'm going to share it all with you! So sit back and have a few laughs. Caution: some swearing in this post.

Funny Crap 1 - The Woman Who Can't Parallel Park
I remember when I was learning to parallel park. It was the worst thing I ever had to learn but eventually I learnt how to park. But never did I hit a car. In fact, my first time parking on the side of the road took less than 3 minutes. And this woman was at it for half an hour! The funny thing is that even when she hits other cars and messes up badly, she still tries. I have to give it to her though; she has a lot of determination! 

The guys recording this have lovely accents though! I think I laughed more at what they were saying than the actual parking. The ending was hilarious though when they were all cheering!

But this video makes me glad that I'm too poor to afford a car. 

Funny Crap 2 - Doc Brown  
My Proper Tea 
Being British and in love with tea, I can totally relate to this! 

There are some other videos of this comedian on Youtube and I was tempted to put all of them up but I thought it might be a bit annoying so I'll put another video up of one of his vids and let you search for the others if you're interested. 

Racist Rap

Funny Crap 3 - Russell Howard Vids

I'll post 2 videos for Russell Howard! 

Funny Crap 4 - Hair Craze in Japan 
Click here to read an article from the Daily Mail showing some other cool hairstyles from Japan. 
These hairstyles may be a bit eccentric but you have to just love them! Sometimes I'm tempted to do something cool with my hair but being a law student, I kind of have to be boring haha!

I hope you had fun going through this post and hope you all have a good week! :D