Friday, 26 April 2013

The Man Who Was Too Good Looking For Saudi Arabia

I love looking out for news stories that make me laugh, whether they are funny or just plain stupid. Here's one of them to brighten up your day!

This one is particularly hilarious.

Omar Borkan Al Gala is apparently one of three men who were deported from Saudi Arabia due to being too good looking. Here is a picture of the good looking man.


As silly as this story is, I have to admit he is very good looking!

I often wonder if good looking people know they're good looking. I guess one way to find out is to see if you get deported for it!



  1. I read about this the other day and told my husband, "Sweetie, it looks like you'll never be able to visit Saudi Arabia." :)

  2. LOL! This seriously happened?! Too funny! Never knew being good-looking could be criminal... XD

    1. Yep! Well I don't think it's been confirmed 100% though. If it is true then this is the best news story I have ever come across!

      Well Saudi Arabia is the country that criminalises women drivers so this doesn't seem that far-fetched!

    2. I agree: definitely one of the best! Love seeing a funny news piece instead of one that's completely depressing for a change...

    3. So true! Everytime I watch BBC News, I have to eat chocolate to cheer me up!


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