Sunday, 10 March 2013


Hello dear readers, some of you may have noticed by prolonged absence and for that I'm sorry.

Along with studying, I've also been ill and have spent the last 3 days with the wonderful thing spreading around which is known by the name of Norovirus.

And it's horrible.

I don't think I've ever felt worse. In fact the moment when you're crouching over a toilet at 2.30am and barfing out your stomach is when you realise how crap life is. And then the stomach cramps. OMG it hurt to move but then it hurt so much I kept moving.

The worst thing is that it's really contagious. I mean, I feel really bad knowing I was so ill I couldn't go and buy my mother a mother's day present. Instead, I gave her Norovirus for mother's day.

The appetite thing is awful. I love food. I really do but all I've eaten this weekend is three spoons of rice and a boiled egg.

And yes, I did write this blog post just to complain about the illness ha!

But seriously, this makes me angry at all the people who don't wash their hands. I was in A&E on Friday night due to dehydration and blood em, coming out. I won't go into the details for the sqeemish and the number of women walking out of the bathroom without washing their hands made me really angry! Seriously, that's the most disgusting thing ever!

But now I'm going to finish this blog post and go write an essay I have no idea about because I haven't been going to lectures. Yes, my second semester is going really badly considering I was golden student in semester 1.

So goodbye my dear readers and I will be back maybe in a couple of weeks if I manage to make it out of my temporary hell.