Friday, 9 November 2012

LLB LAW: The First Weeks

Hello readers! It's been a long time since a post hasn't it? I'm still alive, almost so don't worry!

Okay so 6 weeks have passed into this course. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm studying for a Law degree in the UK (the LLB). This post is also geared towards people who are thinking of studying law at university.

Right now, I'm sleep-deprived, nauseous from so much reading and frustrated from not understanding anything.

University is nothing like college was. It's like a jump into an abyss. There's so many concepts and terminology that I've never come across so everything feels alien. But I think I'm getting there in terms of understanding the topics we've been introduced to. It's probably obvious but the most important part I think of studying law at university is the reading workload.

I don't have many essays to write. I've written one drafting assignment and one practice problem based essay. But I know some students who have already written more than 3 essays. I was quite surprised to be honest, as I thought we'd be given essays to write every week.

Lectures are okay but they tend to be quite fast-paced and it's hard to keep up with lecturers who talk fast so I'm going to be buying a netbook or a tablet to help me take notes in lectures. It's also easy to get distracted. Lots of people use their phones during lectures which I find pretty rude so if you're that kind of person, try and stick to the back of the lecture halls. However I would advise against spending most of the lecture on your phone.

It's distracting when you're listening to the lecturer and the person next to you is tapping on their phone. Try and stick to using your phone during breaks and out of lectures. Lecturers also notice their students aren't listening when they're looking at their crotches for extended periods of time and smiling.

I find that going through lecture slides before the lecture (if they're available) is useful. If your lecturers don't upload the slides then read through a textbook for an introduction or you'll be sitting in a 2 hour lecture and no idea of what's going on.

Overall, the workload is large and difficult but I'm enjoying it so far. At first things don't make sense but it gets easier.

I'll update about my progress soon! Hopefully while I'm studying for exams over the Christmas holiday.