Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Fresh Face Of A Law Student

I officially started lectures yesterday for my law degree! :D

I was really excited to finally be able to say that I am a law student. It seems a privilege to be studying such a demanding and enriching course. I'm buzzed up to really get into the course and start with tutorials and extra reading. I know that makes me sound like a nerd but it's true. I really want to throw myself into studying.

But it all seems a lot more different from studying A Levels. I now have more reading to do, harder essays to write, more self-study to do and a need for a higher level of organisation.

I love reading but the essays seem daunting. It's a bit like when you stop writing for a few weeks or months and then when you get back to the writing bit, it feels like you've forgotten how to write. I think it's going to be a bit like that. We haven't written any essays so far but I have a pretty good feeling that my ability to write decent essays has declined a bit.

If anyone can think of example essay questions for me to use to try out my essay writing, please can you leave the question in the comments section? It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I'm also worrying about organisation. I'm simply the most disorganised person I've ever come across. Right now, I'm just writing my lecture notes into a refill pad but I've soon got to figure out how I'm going to organise things. Notepads? Type up notes? Folders? There are so many options and I don't know which to go for.

We have exams and coursework deadlines in Jaunary and I hope I'm ready by then.

And until I can figure out what my workload is going to be like, my posting on this blog will be minimal.

So here's to my first year of university!

And I hope everyone else who is in education right now also has a good year!