Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Twilight Rewritten - Chapter 3

I'm sorry Chapter 3 took so long. I was just a bit busy sorting out some other stuff and completely forgot! Hope you enjoy!

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So Bella wakes up and the ground is covered in ice. She is horrified.

Considering how clumsy she is, you'd think this walking hazard would call in sick and stay in bed but no, she goes to school. How brave. Not.

Bella is excited to go to school. Normal 17 year old.

She wants to go to school so she can perve on Edward Cullen.


Bella nearly dies while trying to walk to her car. This must be a new record. She's escaped death more times than Harry Potter did, in 7 books too!

Bella thinks she's a novelty. LOL!

Bella refers to Mike as a dog. Bella is such a lovely person isn't she?!

She gets to school and nearly dies from getting hit by a car. Edward saves her because he's a super-vampire although Bella doesn't know that yet. We do because it says so in the blurb. I feel more intelligent than Bella, the genius.

Bella should seriously just start to stay at home. She honestly nearly dies every time she leaves the house. I'm starting to think people around her should stay away from her.

Bella goes to the hospital. She perves on Edward's father. Ew.

Dr Cullen is concerned about Bella's inability to walk in a straight line. He gives her some meds for the pain.

Edward and Bella hiss at each other in the corridor. Bella thinks Edward is a freak because he caused a dent in Tyler's van. To be honest, Bella could probably do that just by falling over.

Edward suggests there is something wrong with Bella's head. She denies it. I agree with Edward. Brain scan anyone?

Everyone in Forks is in the waiting room to see Bella because she's so special they just wanted to make sure she's still alive. I'm astounded at how she's still alive.

Bella goes home. Her Mum flips out but stays wherever she is instead of visiting her daughter who seems to nearly die on every single page.

Bella suggests sane and normal people would want to leave Forks. It seems like a pretty nice place. I guess Bella is insane and abnormal because considering she hates the place so much, she pretty much stays put.

Bella takes some drugs to knock herself out. I reckon this is the start of her drug addiction.

She dreams of Edward Cullen.


I don't know when I'm going to update with the next chapter but I'll try and do it before I go off to university.



  1. LOL! This gave me a much-needed laugh this morning. So true about Bella nearly dying on almost every single page. I'm guessing the Grim Reaper finds her just as annoying as the rest of us, and him steering clear of her is why she's able to cheat death so much. XD

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      Lol! That would have been a better POV than Bella's!

    2. Haha, if I can ever find the inspiration for it, maybe I should make a parody comic sometime that does just that. XD

    3. I hope you do! It'd be hilarious!


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