Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Twilight Rewritten - Chapter 3

I'm sorry Chapter 3 took so long. I was just a bit busy sorting out some other stuff and completely forgot! Hope you enjoy!

Click here for Chapter 1
Click here for Chapter 2

So Bella wakes up and the ground is covered in ice. She is horrified.

Considering how clumsy she is, you'd think this walking hazard would call in sick and stay in bed but no, she goes to school. How brave. Not.

Bella is excited to go to school. Normal 17 year old.

She wants to go to school so she can perve on Edward Cullen.


Bella nearly dies while trying to walk to her car. This must be a new record. She's escaped death more times than Harry Potter did, in 7 books too!

Bella thinks she's a novelty. LOL!

Bella refers to Mike as a dog. Bella is such a lovely person isn't she?!

She gets to school and nearly dies from getting hit by a car. Edward saves her because he's a super-vampire although Bella doesn't know that yet. We do because it says so in the blurb. I feel more intelligent than Bella, the genius.

Bella should seriously just start to stay at home. She honestly nearly dies every time she leaves the house. I'm starting to think people around her should stay away from her.

Bella goes to the hospital. She perves on Edward's father. Ew.

Dr Cullen is concerned about Bella's inability to walk in a straight line. He gives her some meds for the pain.

Edward and Bella hiss at each other in the corridor. Bella thinks Edward is a freak because he caused a dent in Tyler's van. To be honest, Bella could probably do that just by falling over.

Edward suggests there is something wrong with Bella's head. She denies it. I agree with Edward. Brain scan anyone?

Everyone in Forks is in the waiting room to see Bella because she's so special they just wanted to make sure she's still alive. I'm astounded at how she's still alive.

Bella goes home. Her Mum flips out but stays wherever she is instead of visiting her daughter who seems to nearly die on every single page.

Bella suggests sane and normal people would want to leave Forks. It seems like a pretty nice place. I guess Bella is insane and abnormal because considering she hates the place so much, she pretty much stays put.

Bella takes some drugs to knock herself out. I reckon this is the start of her drug addiction.

She dreams of Edward Cullen.


I don't know when I'm going to update with the next chapter but I'll try and do it before I go off to university.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Unknown Illnesses: Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)

As a sufferer of a relatively unknown illness, I thought I'd do some posts on unknown illnesses just to raise some awareness of them.

I found out about Epidermolysis Bullosa from an article on the Daily Mail. Click here to read it. I felt to sorry for the poor baby girl. I hope she has the strength to live with such an awful illness. Bless her heart.

This is an inherited condition where the proteins between the layers of skin haven't formed and so trauma to the skin results in blisters. The chronic damage to the skin can increase the chances of skin cancer.

There is no cure for this illness.

I used to think that my illness was the worst. And in some ways, I think it's the worst. But this is also up there on the list of the worst illnesses you wish you never have.

There is a charity in the UK called DEBRA (click here to go to their website). You can go on their website to learn more about it.

If you ever get the chance to inform people of an orphan illness like Epidermolysis Bullosa, please do. The only way we can raise awareness of illnesses is if we learn about them and spread the word. We need to find cures for illnesses and they'll never come if nobody knows about the illness. And I'm being honest when I say this, but even my doctors are ignorant of my disease and that does not fill me with hope. The medical community saddens me sometimes.

Hope you're all okay.


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Results Day 16 August 2012

I never slept last night because I was so nervous.

My offers were the following:

Firm: AAB
Insurance: ABB

What did I get? BBBC

So when I got my results, the first thing I thought was "omg I need to start looking into clearing" but then when Track updated, I found out that I got into my Firm. I got into an AAB course with BBBC.

And I was a bit shocked. I missed by two grades. But I'm just glad I made it out of college after 3 years of hell. My grades aren't too bad but I guess this is a pretty good place to be in.

Plus, I'm going to be living at home for the three years of my course (maybe excluding my work placement year) so I don't have to live in squalor for the next few years! I get to spend loan money on clothes and shoes!

No I'm just joking, I'll probably spend it on books and travel costs.

I'm tired now so I'm going to end this post here. Thanks for everyone who wished me good luck.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Day Before Results Day 16 August 2012

For anyone who doesn't know, on 16 August 2012, thousands of students across the UK will be getting their A Level results and will find out where they are going to university in September.

This is the most daunting day for teenagers in their entire college careers because 2 years (in my case, 3) of hard work and exams rests on this one day alone.

I find out my results at 6am tomorrow and then from 8am I find out my application status.

I am anticipating fairly average results which will be an automatic rejection from my firm university and my insurance university and if my results are significantly bad, I will not be going to Law School.

I'm going to try and get some sleep tonight but I don't think it'll happen. Right now I'm feeling quite sick and nervous. I have not had the best time in college and anxiety destroyed me during this time. But right now, I can look back on my college years and be sure that I won't be experiencing a miracle tomorrow.

I'll let you know how I do and I hope it goes well.

Just so you know, I want to be rejected from my firm uni because it's too close to home and want to get into my insurance. But who knows? I may be doing something completely different tomorrow. I may even end up studying something else.

I'll probably cry first thing tomorrow and then eat a lot. I'll let you know then.


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Why I Hate Job Hunting

The summer holidays so far have been absolutely awful. I can so imagine better ways to spend my time than looking through numerous ads and websites and finding nothing. This process is humiliating and sucking the life out of me!

Here are the reasons I hate looking for jobs that don't exist.

The government keeps telling me the jobs are out there and that I have to keep looking. Why does this piss me off so much? Because I've been seriously looking for a job for nearly a year. I've gotten 1 interview and too many to count 'no replies'. There may be jobs out there but I can't work a job where I need to be available 12 hours a day on weekdays when I'm in education or jobs where I need a qualification which I don't have.

I'm not qualified enough. I have no experience because I've been too busy studying over the past few years. I need a degree or a vocational qualification. And I don't have one because I've never studied for one. And after I get my degree, I'll probably face another hurdle:

I'm over-qualified. At this moment in time, I only have A-Levels which isn't too bad. But then I get rejected for jobs probably because the employer can find someone else to do the job. Someone who isn't going to university, has no ambition and is too stupid to answer back or question the stupid employer who believes he or she is god. No. Morgan Freeman is god. Not you, you fat, sweaty arse in a cheap suit.

The experience situation. So you need a job to get experience but need experience to get a job. Now, I've done work experience and a temporary position but unfortunately, I need 20 years of experience in retail to stack shelves. It must be so damn difficult to pick things up and place them on a shelf because I've been told I am not suitable for the job because I don't have any experience in it. Gee, just thinking about stacking a shelf is giving me a headache.

The online application process. Handing CVs into the store isn't that helpful as most stores take online applications and it's the most annoying thing in this whole hunt. It's disorganised. I have to answer the same question like five times because it's worded slightly differently. Then I have to upload a kick ass CV but then have to answer 100 questions based from the damn CV. It takes too long. It's complicated. And when your laptop is broken, the whole thing because so painful your eyes bleed. But to get a new laptop, I need money and to get money, I NEED A JOB!

Stupid application questions.
Are you hard-working and motivated?
What do you want me to reply with? No, I'm a fat slob?
And then there are questions that ask you what your weaknesses are. Gee, what about bed-wetting? What about fussy-eating? They expect you to be honest but when you are honest, they reject you.

Being a student. I got rejected from a certain large toy store in the UK for being a student. And I was clearly told "We aren't hiring students." God that felt like such a big kick in the face. I'm studying because the job market is so poor that I'd be better off learning something in the mean time. I want to better myself. I enjoy learning. And I feel punished for wanting to study. Why? Should we all just quit school and become mindless drones? The worst bit is that I need money to support myself while studying. I don't need a lot but would like a part time job. I've figured out that even with my student loans and financial aid, I'll still need another few hundred pounds for accommodation and this does not take travel expenses, education expenses, medicines (I have an illness so I need the meds), clothing (I can't exactly walk around naked, hygiene products and food.

Vague information on applications and websites.
Example: We require a motivated and passionate sales assistant to deliver a first class experience to customers. You will be ensuring that the shop is presentable and be upholding the values of the company.
What they mean: We require a dumbass who does not question things to sit at a till all day and scan items and deal with dipshits who insist their out of date voucher is still valid. You will also have to clean shit off the floor of the changing rooms and act like this is the best job in the world.
It would be a lot easier if they were straightforward about everything. Working in a store is not an exciting career. It isn't even a career. A career demands skill and knowledge in that area. Scanning items into a machine or wiping dirty surfaces demands no knowledge and very little skill apart from maybe some coordination.
I wouldn't mind a job that's mindless and boring as long as I get paid but please don't write down lies to make it look like your NASA because Crap-supermarket-with-crap-stuff you are nothing like NASA.

The interview process. I've only been called for one interview so I can't say much on this but it was awful. It turns out that I didn't have everything I needed and so had to re-schedule it. I came back a week later and then got rejected. Also, the interviewer didn't like me. She told me I couldn't wear any jewelry, makeup or have my hair down and yet when I walked out of the interview, I saw one worker with more facial piercings than I could imagine and the interviewer went rambling on about presentation being so important and yet she was obese, untidy hair, badly applied makeup, shoes that dead grandparents wear, had significant sun damage to her skin and poor tone to her skin colour. Honestly, it just felt slightly hypocritical of her to tell me I didn't look presentable when I was wearing a black dress, black tights and black shoes while she herself looked like she did. And it felt  insulting.

Questions regarding salary expectations. Honestly, I'll be happy with £5 per hour but when I say this, they act shocked and when I mention anything higher, they still act shocked. It's a stupid question because they'll never pay me what I demand and will give me what the wage for the position is so it seems like a pointless question.

Waiting for a response. They take way too long. I have had at least 12 no replies that I can remember off the top of my head and that is mostly in the last few months. I have handed an application into the same store twice, one no reply and the other time, the shop assistant shoved it into a draw and must have forgotten about it. It would be nice if they told you early on that you haven't gotten the job so you don't spend weeks in anguish. Half the time, I can be 90% sure I'll get rejected anyway. I just hand the application in or submit it because I've got no other options.

Comments from currently employed people. My cousins all go on about how they used to walk into shops with their CVs and get jobs the next day. They're exaggerating and they all got job before the recession. I assume it must have been a hell of a lot easier back then.The worst part is when my parents get involved and agree with them. They all assume it's my fault I didn't get the job as if I had any role in who did and didn't get a position. Meh. And then there are the people who boast that they have 3 jobs. Just. Go. Away. Idiot.

Even after going through all this for months and months, I still have no job. And no money. Although that would be solved if my parents paid back what they owe me but I don't think that'll happen and I don't really have the guts to ask (they owe me a grand). I'll just have to see if I can get a job in the city where I'm going to uni.

Uni is going to be no fun without money :(

Here's to a crap life!