Sunday, 1 July 2012

My Summer Goals

So my exams ended over a week ago and I've spent the last week writing my novel because I am free to do whatever I want.

I feel weird that college is over because it still feels like I'm going back. But I think I'm looking forward to what university is going to be like.

Since I have 2 months of well, doing stuff, I'm making goals.

Don't think I'll complete all of them though.

So here we go.

1) Write a novel and edit - I am currently writing.

2) Find a job - I am currently finding but still don't have a job.

3) Learn some Spanish - I already speak un poco but want to I guess, improve.

4) Learn to cook some basic food for university if I move out.

5) Get my results - I don't actually remember when results day is.

6) Lose weight - I say this in every goal/aim thing but have never actually completed it.

So here we are!

What are your summer goals? Got anything special to look forward to?



  1. "I am free to do whatever I want." I haven't been able to say that in YEARS! But it sounds like you'll be busy just don't forget to enjoy this unique time in your life because it's so ephemeral. And good luck with the job hunting and writing (can't wait to hear how your book progresses). I need to make some goals too...

    1. I will try but I'm too broke to enjoy anything. And job hunting is no fun. Writing is my fun!

      I'll let you know when I'm done!

  2. My goal for summer is to finish editing POF 1, and do as much work as possible on Transom Hull, like finish the summer scenes, scene plan October's storyline and start and finish writing October's storyline.

    Also find new job and sort out hayfever. Can't spend all summer like I was weekend.

    1. OMG! How long have you been working on POF? That's a lot of dedication! I remember you mentioning it like at least 3 years ago.

      My doctor says I have hayfever. Find it hard to believe. Probs just a very resistant cold.

  3. I think you're doing the right thing for your vacation. Enjoy some time with your friends, too.

  4. Great summer goals! I know a little Spanish, too, and would love to learn more, but eek, it's been a few years since I last took a class. My skills are no doubt rusty now, haha. Finding a job will likely be the most frustrating goal on this list, so good luck getting one sooner rather than later! Good luck to everything else as well--they're definitely achievable! :)

    1. ame here! My Spanish is awful now!

      I know. I've filled in many applications now and still nothing.

      Thanks! and good luck to you too in finding a job!

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