Thursday, 12 July 2012

Having Fun With Little Money

Last year, I had quite a lot of money saved up for university, my phone bills and generally paying for days out.

But after handing over just over half of it to my parents and having to buy college textbooks, I'm left with hardly anything left.

I'm looking for jobs and have applied to some but nothing so far. I guess it's like a waiting game.

But now I have a whole summer ahead of me and I can't do much in these months because everything in this world costs money.

As a result, I've found some stuff I can do on very little money.

Write fiction. I've been writing fiction since I was a child but over the holidays, I've kind of stepped up a bit. Most of my time is spent in front of my laptop, writing. But this will soon be over. My laptop is falling apart. Seriously. The screen thing has popped up and so the screen it tilted, wires are sticking out and I can't close my laptop or the whole thing will break and right now, I don't have the money to buy a new one. I just hope it sticks out for long enough.

Watch TV. Thankfully for me, my parents pay for the TV bill so if I have some spare time. I watch TV. But I'm not a big fan of the TV. I can never find something I like.

Take a walk. I had thought before the summer holidays that I would take a walk every day. Unfortunately, the weather has kind of made it difficult. It's been raining way too much and it turns out my two month cough is the result of hayfever.

Bake. After writing, my next fave thing to do is to bake. So far I've made biscotti which was really fun but difficult. I honestly thought it would turn out wrong and it took me 20 minutes to get the right consistency. And you get something really yummy at the end!

Budget Shopping. This actually requires some money. Yes, I cheated. Sorry. This is where I go into town with like, £10 and try to buy as much stuff as I can with that money. I actually bought gym trousers, two shirts, 5 pairs of socks, 20 hairbands and a belt all within £15 last week. I felt so proud of myself in the end.

Read over my past writing. I've got so much stuff that I wrote many years ago. Books cost money so I've been reading a lot of what I've written before. It's really bad, I mean really really bad but it's good fun. It reminds me of what I used to write about and how I used to write. I can see how I've changed and in the end, I can put it away and know that I haven't had to pay a dime for those stories!

Visit the library. I can't buy many books so the library continues to be the place for my books. Plus, my local library has been completely refurbished. I don't like it as much though since some of it is now a horrible coffee place and it's 'modern' now. I like old libraries! But it's still full of books!

Watch people who pass your house. I live pretty close to the town centre, the train station and the local park so lots of people go pass. Sometimes I just like to watch people go pass and think about what kind of people they are and what their lives are like. I once noticed a man stopping behind a bush on our road where he went potty. Gross but hilarious. Plus, when I started laughing loudly from behind my curtains, the man freaked out and left pretty quickly.

Visit friends and family. I don't really talk to most of my friends anymore and family problems recently have resulted in us all avoiding each other. But I do like to just talk to someone real when I get bored. You can chat and laugh and make jokes and you're not even spending money!

So that's what I've been doing so far! I hope I get a job soon though. I need the cash!

So what are you doing to pass the time during the holidays?



  1. Sounds to me like you're doing very well with what you have. That's about all any of us can do. You seem to be having a fruitful summer.

  2. One thing I don't miss about the UK is having to pay for a TV license. Though, I do miss the BBC. Compared to network TV in the States, you're spoiled. But you know what they say--absence makes the heart grow fonder, and you never know what you've got until you've lost it... or something like that.

    When I was in school/university, I'd spend my summers doing lots of reading and study so I could be sure I was ahead when classes started again... YEAH RIGHT! If I had been a better student, I would have spent the time studying. But no, I was catching up on the rest of life: hanging out with friends, playing music, and watching the Doctor Who videos my younger brother had bought. :)

    I hope you find a way to earn some money soon, Kamille, if only to replace your computer. :)

    1. I like the tv license. No ads. But it's not fair that you have to pay for one when many people don't watch anything on the BBC.

      I am thinking about doing some reading as I have some law textbooks but they look awful so I'm thinking of just doing something a bit lighter!

      I think everyone likes to pretend they do something productive during the holidays! The only think productive I have done is fill in job applications. but when you get rejected, it's suddenly unproductive.

      Thanks. If I don't get a job I'll just have to use my student loan.

  3. Job-hunting is the worst. I've had to put it on hold for a bit, but yeah, I agree, it's definitely a waiting game. Good luck finally finding a job!

    Also, love the list! I always seem to have the most fun when doing free stuff like this. (Often writing or drawing, or--as I'm doing right now--procrastinating on the 'net!) Seeing the library listed on here amused me, because it reminded me of this time in high school where I gushed about going to the library for fun, and everyone in class acted like I was crazy. XD

    1. I'm sorry you've had to stop job hunting for a bit. It's also very stressful! And soul destroying. Thanks. I hope the hunt goes well for you when you resume the hunting!

      I've been trying to sketch recently but I'm no good! You're good at drawing though!

      Lol! I had that too once. Back when I was a Twilight fan, I kept talking about it in class and everyone was like wtf. Then the movie came out and everyone was suddenly a huge fan. LOL!

  4. You don't always need money to enjoy the summer but sometimes it helps. Good luck finding a job and enjoy your walks. I find that long walks help me focus on my storyline and gives me fresh ideas. Going to the library is also a great idea especially when the weather is bad. Wish there was an English library I could go to near my house. (:

    1. We don't get long walks here though since I'm in the town. You live in the country in France right? I've heard France is a more friendly country for people who want to walk.

      Sorry about there not being an English library. This is why libraries should be online!


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