Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What Is The Best Time Of The Day For Writing?

I've always been the kind of person who writes during the evening and at night. At any other time, it becomes very difficult.

I tend to be very tired after waking and it takes a few hours for my energy levels to rise. In fact, they continue to rise until about 6/7pm and that's around the time I usually do my writing. And then my energy levels start to drop after 11pm. I usually stop activities by 2am as my energy levels are so low that I can't stay awake.

So I write late during the day.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this.

Advantages of writing during the evening/night:

  • The world is sleeping or getting ready to sleep so emails slow down, less people call you and you're confronted less by distractions. 
  • You've had the entire day to do other stuff and can now concentrate on writing. 
  • The house is quiet. I like to be able to hear myself think and it's easier when no one is talking/banging doors/running up and down stairs. 
  •  The night time can be inspiring for some. 
  • Space. While everyone else is in their rooms, you can temporarily migrate to the living room/dining room and splatter your writing stuff everywhere.
  • You get to wear pyjamas. You can do this in the morning too but you'll smell in the morning, have bad breath and be hungry. At night, you'll just be cosy. 
  • It gives you something to do if you have insomnia. 

But there are also disadvantages.

Disadvantages of writing during the evening/night: 

  • Some people can be tired at this point and will go to sleep. You may find that your energy levels are higher during the morning. 
  • You may still have other things to do. If you're a parent, you'll have children to put to bed and then get their school uniforms ready for the morning. Or you may work night shifts. 
  • Most writers work other jobs/are students and so will need to wake up early to get to work/school. So not everyone can write at this time. I write at this time during the holidays. My writing slows down during term time. 
  • It can mess up your sleep clock and that can have a serious impact on your health. It is ideal for people to sleep in a dark room and going to be at 2am means that the sun will soon rise and you will be sleeping in a light room. This prevents you from going into a deep sleep and most people will wake up early and be tired. 
  • Some people will be completely unable to get anything done at this time. They just may not feel motivated/full or energy/would rather wind down in front of the TV. 

It doesn't matter at what time you write. The most important thing is, when you do WANT to write? When do you have TIME to write? And when do you get the MOST writing done?

I personally find the evening is the best time and will write into the early hours of the night if I have the energy.

If you are going to write in the morning and suffer from sleep drunkenness then take a short walk or run in the morning just to help you wake up. And take a shower before writing so you can smell nice shampoo when you get stuck for words!


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