Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Many Uses Of Breaking Dawn

I don't like Breaking Dawn but I have recently found other uses for this 'brick'.

Here they are

  • A brick to keep the door open
  • A weapon 
  • Motivation to keep going - if that can get published, so can your book!
  • Motivation to improve as a writer 
  • Toilet roll 
  • Flood barrier 
  • A book end 
  • Something to stand on so you feel taller
  • Keep your table up if one of the legs is wonky 
  • An effective sedative 
  • Squishing bugs 

I actually find it most useful for the last bit although it is also adequate to squish spiders.

Here's a video of a bug I had to squish today.

What a useful item for everyday life!

I don't like burning books and I don't want to pass this illness on to someone else so I keep it to protect myself from bugs/spiders/gross stuff like my brothers.

How do you put your copy of Breaking Dawn to good use? And what do you do with a book you don't like?



  1. I normally get rid of books I don't like. But then I have also given away books I do like for room like Harry Potter. Feels strange that I use Breaking Dawn and other twilight books as door stops and gave away my Harry Potter books for room before I had a proper bookcase in my own room.

    1. OH NO! I could never get rid of my HP books. We've been through too much to ever separate.

      LOL! At least Twilight has some uses!

    2. Might rebuy them all. Lost my first editions of the last three, but then I doubt they were really worth anything given how many were sold. Would give me a chance to have all the same cover art (had the adult cover of Half blood prince and child covers for all the others). Just have to decide, the new child covers (which I like better than the original ones) or the adult covers (which haven't changed)

    3. The first editions of the last few aren't worth a lot. They printed a lot of them!

      I liked the older child covers but I guess the market changing meant they had to change the covers. I think the originals suited a more 90s child while the newer ones look, um, newer!

      I had adult covers for 5 and 6. My fave was probably 3 and 7.

  2. So what did you think of the first three?? You must have read all them to have got as far as this, right? :o)

    I managed the first one and a half before realising it wasn't going to get any better.

    1. The first one was okay although I'm rather critical of the messages it gives out.

      The second one was very difficult to get through. I like the Jacob scenes but Bella's moaning made me a bit depressed.

      Eclipse was just awful imo. Very anti-feminist.

      I read BD because I was able to buy a copy for about $5 in hardback.

      Twilight and New Moon are paperback so not useful. Eclipse isn't as thick as Breaking Dawn.

      I'm persistent lol!

      Congrats on getting that far!

  3. LOL! I try to give away books I don't like or sell them at yard sales.

    1. I think I might do that with some of my books. Don't really want to toss them in the bin either.

  4. I've only read the first book in the Twilight Saga, and even that copy was from the library, so I don't have to worry about putting the brick that is Breaking Dawn to good use. I imagine it'd be a pretty handy paperweight, though.... XD

    1. I use my books to hold down stacks of paper when I put the fan on lol!

      Be glad you didn't spend money on them. I regret it now!

  5. LOL nice post. how have I not been to your blog before? I'm following now, anyway. :) Nice to meet you!

    1. Thank you! Nice to meet you too and welcome to my blog! :D


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