Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Blogging Mistakes And Tips

I've been blogging around the internet since around 2007 but I never really got the hang of it and I still haven't. This blog is probably the best blog I've created since I manage to actually update more than once a month with actual content. On my old blog, I updated around once in a blue moon with a few lines that went like this

Title: OMG I forgot about you!!!!

"Oh My God! I haven't blogged in ages! Got lots of work to do. Really busy atm! And the weather here is awful! My life sucks."

Now it's pretty easy to see what is wrong with this blog 'post'.

Here is essentially what a good blog post includes:
  • One clear subject.
  • Clear formatting without chunky paragraphs. 
  • A good title.
  • Original content/perspective.
Now look back at the bold bit.

Is there one clear subject? No. In fact, I don't see a 'subject'.

Clear formatting? No, it's just 6 sentences running together with no direction. 

A good title? Hell no. Never include more than one exclamation mark. It can look messy in a title.

Original content/perspective? Look at other teen blogs. Most of them will have at least one of the example 'post'.

So you can see why my other blogs were pretty fail right? Because I can. And that's because I had no clear direction with the posts. Now, I update with posts that have quality (I hope) and I update as often as I can.

Although this blog has gone further than I expected and I've improved a lot, I'm still making mistakes.

These are the mistakes I'm still making:
  • Not posting consistently. - It's advised to have a posting schedule such as two blogs posts a week or once a week. But I just update when I get the chance to sit down and write. 
  • Not writing within a specific niche. - I'll admit that I've failed to fit into a niche. I'm trying to develop a more writer/student tone but it gets hard when you just want to talk about your grocery trip to the supermarket!
  • Failing to edit all blog posts. - Yeah, I'm just lazy.
  • Not marketing the blog. - See above.
  • Not interacting with other bloggers as much as I should. - I try and do this often but it gets very difficult especially with some blogs where the author doesn't respond. It makes you feel like your comments are being ignored.
  • Failing to use sources and research. - A well researched blog post is a good one. I'm lazy.
  • Publishing posts that don't deserve to be published. - I've written about two blog posts so far in May that I've deleted. I just couldn't see someone reading them but I still have some blog posts that I should either take down or modify. 

So here are some simple tips for all bloggers:

  • Format Format Format. No chunky paragraphs and organise how everything is going to be laid out. Don't ramble on one topic and switch to another in the same paragraph. And don't ramble!
  • Edit every post.
  • Determine a posting schedule. It doesn't have to be every day but make sure that when you do update, you actually post something meaningful. 
  • Have a clean design and layout. No one wants to see 100 'Follow Me On Twitter' icons. And black text on a white background is easier to read than white text on a black background. No funky colours unless it follows a colour scheme. 
  • No background music.
  • Make sure your pages aren't too loaded with content. People instantly switch off from a blog that takes ten minutes to load. 
  • Make sure your title is relevant to the post. 
  • Post on other blogs. 
  • Do your research.
  • Be consistent. Aim to have all blog posts up to a certain standard. 
  • Connect with your readers. Reply to their comments. Ask them questions at the end of the post. Visit their blogs. 
  • Stay fresh and passionate. Blogging can be boring when it swallows your life so keep yourself motivated by loving it and try to stand out from the crowd.



  1. Great tips! I agree with you about posting more. It's easy to lose readers if they never hear from you!

    1. Although I do read a blog that is only updates once or twice a month but the content is enough to keep it going!

  2. Blog what interests you. Having a theme is okay, but it can be broad enough to allow a lot of new content. Everything you say is right on target.

    1. That's what I do. I would've quit a long time ago if this bored me!


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