Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Samantha Brick - Deluded Or Sneaky?

For those who don't know, Samantha Brick is journalist who wrote an article for the Daily Mail (one of the worst examples of British Journalism I've come across) claiming that women hate her because she's so beautiful. And in case you were wondering, she's not that stunning. I may be no oil painting but at least I'm not deluded.

Now there are two explanations for her 'article'.

The first is that she is seriously deluded. She must look in the mirror and see something else because she is not as beautiful as she claims. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Kate Beckinsale and Sofia Vergara are women who are beautiful. Ms Brick is just average compared to them.

The second explanation is that this is a method by which she can gain the publicity. And I think the publicity is just to help her snag a book deal. Because let's face it. This article has collected a large number of hits and loads of people are talking about her. And while this isn't the best kind of publicity, I feel she knew she'd face backlash. But I have to admit it was probably the easiest way for her to get this publicity. And I feel it's worked.

I see her as deluded but also feel she's somewhat sneaky. She knew what her article's reaction would be. And also, the more readers you have, the more you can demand for an article.

Despite what she is, her article has whipped up a storm but her attitude has come across badly in the article and even if this is a ploy from her and her publicist, bad publicity is great in the short term but long term, it can be detrimental. I hope this returns a decade or two later to bite her in the arse because that would just be too funny to miss.

Read an article on her here (Daily Mail article by the way. Open at your own link. Caution: Reading the article may result in the loss of IQ points).

So do you think she's deluded or sneaky? Do you like her or hate her?



  1. Interesting post. Hope things are going better for you.

  2. I have to say Kamille that if you are spending your time trying to fathom the workings of pulp media then you are heading down a meaningless vortex. She is both sneaky and deluded in the same way the newspaper is, in dumbing down peoples' perceptions of fascination with their reality !

    1. Roflol! I know. I don't spend much time reading the DM but I tend to just read the headlines sometimes if I'm bored.

      I have to say though, it was surprising how popular the article has become. The DM are very good at knowing what will make people angry but it's usually immigrants, Muslims and people on welfare.


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