Monday, 30 April 2012

10 Reasons I Hate Being A Writer

I know it may seem ironic that I hate being a writer sometimes but I think most people will be able to relate to at least one of my reasons.

1) It's all I can think about. - There are times where I lose track of things because I was too busy building my imaginary world in my head.

2) I don't feel like I'm any good at it. - I think it can be very easy for us to doubt our abilities. And writers face this a lot in my opinion.

3) When I tell people I write stories, I get the 'look'. - You know?! The look of "you'll never get anywhere in life as a writer!".

4)  It's difficult to make a living at it. - Seriously, this is the most annoying reason. It just makes all this writing feel like a waste.

5) Everyone is critical of you. Especially non-writers. - The number of non-writers  (and often non-readers) are not usually full of praise. I find that the writers and readers tend to give better advice and find it easier to spot the good things in a piece of writing whereas non-readers and non-writers can't recognise strengths and weaknesses.

6) It takes up a lot of time. - Find notebook. Find pen. Write a sentence. Rip up paper and start again. Write rubbish. Scrap. Start again. Scrap. End up with nothing at the end of the day. Repeat a million times.

7) Computers. - A lot of writers write directly into computers and all will need one to submit to an agent. And guess what? I hate computers! Honestly not kidding! They die when I touch them! They cost a lot of money. I can't repair them! And my computer keeps failing! In fact it's crashed like twice today!

8) You need a thick skin. - People can be very critical. Writing is something that I pour my blood and soul into and any criticisms feel like a personal attack.

9) People think you'll become the next JK Rowling. - Lol. Yeah right. JK Rowling is an anomaly. The vast majority of writers will never make a living solely from writing.

10) The stupid need to continue. - It's painful. It hurts. It ends in failure. But I still have to keep on going at it. Why? Because it's how I can make sense of the world. It's how I can deal with my own problems. And most of all, it's my voice. For my whole life, writing has been the only way I can get my voice across without being corrupted by the voices of everyone else. This is me. All me. And nobody can touch my words.

I might update again later this week but if I don't then have a good week everyone!



  1. I can definitely relate to several of these (maybe except for number seven and the stats reasons), but what can we say? We write because we enjoy writing.

    1. I write by longhand but as a writer, the internet can be really useful!

  2. How about listing all the reasons why you like being a writer?

  3. Ummm.. did you pull these our of my head?? Haha. I so feel like this sometimes. But you're right, we're silly and just have to keep going :)

    1. We're not silly. We're just determined that one day, it'll get better!


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