Monday, 30 April 2012

10 Reasons I Hate Being A Writer

I know it may seem ironic that I hate being a writer sometimes but I think most people will be able to relate to at least one of my reasons.

1) It's all I can think about. - There are times where I lose track of things because I was too busy building my imaginary world in my head.

2) I don't feel like I'm any good at it. - I think it can be very easy for us to doubt our abilities. And writers face this a lot in my opinion.

3) When I tell people I write stories, I get the 'look'. - You know?! The look of "you'll never get anywhere in life as a writer!".

4)  It's difficult to make a living at it. - Seriously, this is the most annoying reason. It just makes all this writing feel like a waste.

5) Everyone is critical of you. Especially non-writers. - The number of non-writers  (and often non-readers) are not usually full of praise. I find that the writers and readers tend to give better advice and find it easier to spot the good things in a piece of writing whereas non-readers and non-writers can't recognise strengths and weaknesses.

6) It takes up a lot of time. - Find notebook. Find pen. Write a sentence. Rip up paper and start again. Write rubbish. Scrap. Start again. Scrap. End up with nothing at the end of the day. Repeat a million times.

7) Computers. - A lot of writers write directly into computers and all will need one to submit to an agent. And guess what? I hate computers! Honestly not kidding! They die when I touch them! They cost a lot of money. I can't repair them! And my computer keeps failing! In fact it's crashed like twice today!

8) You need a thick skin. - People can be very critical. Writing is something that I pour my blood and soul into and any criticisms feel like a personal attack.

9) People think you'll become the next JK Rowling. - Lol. Yeah right. JK Rowling is an anomaly. The vast majority of writers will never make a living solely from writing.

10) The stupid need to continue. - It's painful. It hurts. It ends in failure. But I still have to keep on going at it. Why? Because it's how I can make sense of the world. It's how I can deal with my own problems. And most of all, it's my voice. For my whole life, writing has been the only way I can get my voice across without being corrupted by the voices of everyone else. This is me. All me. And nobody can touch my words.

I might update again later this week but if I don't then have a good week everyone!


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Losing Your Work

Hello everyone! I know it's been a long time since I last posted on here but life has been incredibly busy for me during the past few weeks. Fortunately, I've worked fast enough today to get some time to update.

Most people reading this will understand what it feels like to lose something you own. You feel lost. You feel stupid. And you blame yourself for losing it.

Some will also understand what it feels like to lose something you made. Something you invented yourself. Something which was entirely unique to you.

I know exactly what it feels like.

During a Graphic Design class in secondary school, my teacher sent me to the computer area outside the classroom to complete some work I had fallen behind on. Two of my friends were with me and we joked around for an hour. At the end of the lesson, I handed my work in and logged off the computer. I then left the class for my Science class. It was when I got home that I dug into my pockets to find my USB.

I was going to continue with the story I was working on. I had more than 10,000 words and felt happy to be making good progress. But when my fingers hit the empty sides of the pocket, I felt everything fall onto me.

I had lost my USB. And I had no backup files.

The next day, I reckoned it was still at the computers so I went there before all my lessons and scrambled around the computers looking for my USB. I went to the main reception and dug through a vast collection of USB's other students had lost. I still couldn't find it.

For a few weeks I was heartbroken. All that work had gone down the drain. And I felt lost. I didn't know where else to go with my writing. I also lost a lot of school work and had to start it all again which felt like someone had shot me in both hands. After a few weeks of rushing through all my school work, I had finally gotten my course stuff in order and turned my attention to starting again.

I remembered the first scene of the story I was on and just began writing from there. While I hated the fact that I had lost the story, I was determined to never let it happen again. And I still have the rewritten story on my computer even though I never finished it. It was soon after losing the story I realised it wasn't the story for me.

So while it was gut wrenching and awful to lose my writing, it gave me the chance to look back on it all and make some important decisions. Since then, I have backups of almost everything and I am able to look at my work differently. I know what didn't work with that story and losing my USB helped me see that.

But I'm still sad to have lost it. I had a lot of memories with everything on there and worse, it pains me to think someone out there might be able to find the USB and go through it. I just hope I never left any private information on there. Now that is something that could be very embarrassing!

Have you ever lost something? How did you feel? I know I felt horrid but eventually, I moved on. I realised life wasn't going to stop for me just because I lost something but I still imagine what it would be like finding my USB again. But I think I understand I will probably never see it again.

What did you learn from losing something?

I'd love to know so feel free to leave a comment!


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Samantha Brick - Deluded Or Sneaky?

For those who don't know, Samantha Brick is journalist who wrote an article for the Daily Mail (one of the worst examples of British Journalism I've come across) claiming that women hate her because she's so beautiful. And in case you were wondering, she's not that stunning. I may be no oil painting but at least I'm not deluded.

Now there are two explanations for her 'article'.

The first is that she is seriously deluded. She must look in the mirror and see something else because she is not as beautiful as she claims. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Kate Beckinsale and Sofia Vergara are women who are beautiful. Ms Brick is just average compared to them.

The second explanation is that this is a method by which she can gain the publicity. And I think the publicity is just to help her snag a book deal. Because let's face it. This article has collected a large number of hits and loads of people are talking about her. And while this isn't the best kind of publicity, I feel she knew she'd face backlash. But I have to admit it was probably the easiest way for her to get this publicity. And I feel it's worked.

I see her as deluded but also feel she's somewhat sneaky. She knew what her article's reaction would be. And also, the more readers you have, the more you can demand for an article.

Despite what she is, her article has whipped up a storm but her attitude has come across badly in the article and even if this is a ploy from her and her publicist, bad publicity is great in the short term but long term, it can be detrimental. I hope this returns a decade or two later to bite her in the arse because that would just be too funny to miss.

Read an article on her here (Daily Mail article by the way. Open at your own link. Caution: Reading the article may result in the loss of IQ points).

So do you think she's deluded or sneaky? Do you like her or hate her?