Friday, 23 March 2012

Causing A Scene In Public

First of all, I would just wish to say that my post where I said I would not be blogging much should be ignored. It seems as if my blogging rate has increased under all this pressure. What can I say?! This blog keeps me sane.

Onto the post.

I was walking home from college today when I was walking through a nearly empty park. In the park were a group of 8-14 boys my age. Note that I was on my own.

If they had just been talking, I would've been fine.

But they were shouting. Very loudly. At each other.

So I walked as fast as I could.Walking fast was my only option since I don't know any martial arts.

And it was then when I realised how weak I was. Usually I feel strong and tough. I keep my emotions in check and like to remain formal. But I freaked out then. I didn't care how I appeared. I just didn't want to get caught up in anything.

I then started ranting to myself. I would never act like that. In fact I don't know of many people who would.

I don't think they realised, but they tarnished the image of every teenager out there who struggles against the stereotype of hooded youth. Us younguns are told we are dumb, rude, have no manners and are a stain on society.

While I and a large number of teenagers are the exact opposite, these boys ticked every single box of the hooded youth.

I was so angry that I decided I had to write a blog post on this even though I wasn't meant to update today.

I know we shouldn't focus on what others think of us but sometimes it would be nice if people thought about how they appeared because those boys continued to shout as I walked past and it was obvious I was uncomfortable.

Have you ever had an experience like this? Would you have walked through the park if you had been in my position?



  1. It was a good move to walk away. It doesn't sound from what you've said that they were shouting at you. Even so, avoiding trouble is the best policy.

    I've awarded you an award. Please stop by my blog for details.

    1. They weren't shouting at me I know that. But it definitely feels as intimidating as someone shouting at you!

      Aw thanks!

  2. I thought about this in a similar vein a few weeks ago. I was at the mall in my mom's town, and there was a small comic book-associated store. There was a sign on the entrance that said that people under a certain age weren't allowed into the store without a parent because of shoplifting suspicions. I just thought that was sad... I absolutely understand that the store has to protect their inventory. And 95% of the kids who go into that store are probably good kids... but it's the 5% who aren't that ruin it for the whole bunch.

    1. That's a shame! I know of a lot of small shops here who only let up to 2 under 18s come in their shop at one time.

  3. The writer in me says, "walk through the will give you great story material to work with later." But, knowing how chicken I really am, I would have walked away a.s.a.p. :) Smart choice.

    1. haha! I did think of that but the whole running away thing meant I was too preoccupied with getting away!

  4. My instinct would have been to get out of there. People can be unpredictable, especially when things get heated, like what it sounds like for that group. Better to be safe than sorry, I say.

    1. Unfortunately, if I wanted to get home I had no choice but to walk right past them.

      I know. I was on my own too so I felt somewhat vulnerable. Fortunately, nothing happened but I've learned my lesson: walk back to college and get a lift from someone or wait outside the park until the scene dies down.


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