Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Anti-Social Network

As someone who has been bullied through life, I've always felt quite touchy when it comes to bullying. It makes me feel sick, simples.

I've also had to watch my little brother go through a lot of bullying which has been tough because he's had it a lot worse than I did. My bullying never got physical whereas my little brother has come home more times than I can count with bruises and cuts on him.

What was the school's response? One of the two:

  • He started it - My brother is slightly shorter than me and I'm average. The boys who have bullied him (I've seen them) are usually overweight and taller than him). My brother is intelligent, trust me, his grades are a lot better than mine and he works a lot harder. I know he wouldn't start a fight with someone who could easily squish him by sitting on him. 
  • They were just playing - This really pisses me off. If someone is ending up with cuts and bruises on them, it's not playing. If they come home crying, it's not playing. 

I was interested when I saw a documentary from the BBC called The Anti-Social Network.

Click here to watch it but it's only available till 26/3/12 and available to those in the UK.

Click here to watch it on Youtube if you are outside the UK

I hope you have fun watching!



  1. Bullying is a big problem. It's easy to say stand up to them and they'll stop. Sometimes they will. Sometimes the authorities have to get involved to try to stop it. It may not be for you or your brother, but taking martial arts can go a long way toward stopping bullies. Your self-confidence grows by leaps and bounds. I know, because I took martial arts for a while. It can make all the difference in the world.

    1. He used to take kickboxing and karate lessons but when you've got two kids pinning you down, it's not easy to deliver a kick.

      He did enjoy it but found that he was missing too many lessons due to being busy. I think he's going to start again in September when he moves to college (which in England is the last two years of high school US style).

      The only way bullying can be stamped down upon is if it was a criminal offense.

  2. I'm so sorry that your brother is currently going through this. :(

    Bullying disgusts me so much. I know I definitely wasn't immune to it growing up. What's worse is how schools usually do nothing about it. I once saw someone blog about deciding to homeschool her kid, because not only was the bullying so bad, but the school was that indifferent to it. Bullying can damage people so much physically and mentally, so it's an outrage to me that more isn't done to stop it.

    Have you heard of the book Dear Bully? It's an anthology that YA authors put together of stories about their own bullying experiences. I currently have it in my TBR pile. Here's the website for it:

    1. I support homeschooling simply for that reasons. I'd like to see bullies get through the front door. The worst bit is that the bullies get to come out completely untouched. They should go to prison.

      No I haven't. I'll check it out! Thanks!

      It seems a lot of writers have been bullied at one point.

  3. One of my brothers was always a target for bullies--in particular there was a kid in Elementary that was actually scared of ME for some reason, so I tried to stick by him.

    But my brother is also a big guy. By the time he got to high school, when another bully was just pummeling him, he decided he'd had enough--punched the bully twice, which knocked the jerk out--and that was the last of his bullying problems. (Although he did get a 2-day suspension for it.)

    1. That was sweet of you. My really tall brother never stuck up for my little brother.

      Lol! That is definitely an easy way to stop bullying. The 2 day suspension is unfair though. My brother got a 3 day one for getting beaten up. He never fought back.


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