Sunday, 5 February 2012

Writing Goals For February

First of all, here is the link to a website that explain the Open Door event a YA imprint of a publisher are doing where they will accept unsolicited manuscripts from writers. They want YA fantasy/sci-fi stuff and it has to be a novel (the first in a series if there is a series).

Click here to read more about this

Onto the post for today. Since I've struggled to write during the past few days, I thought I would create some writing goals for this month to help me along the way towards a finished manuscript.

I don't usually like goals but I like to have something to work towards so I'm going to make some open minded goals for myself.

  1. Finish the rough draft for Lina's Book. A rough draft is just a collection of all the scenes that must be in the book which is brief so it's like the bones of a body. 
  2. Plan the rest of the series. 
  3. Write the last chapter in the series. 
Okay so number three may be strange but I always find it helpful to have an end point so I know where my story is going to end. I don't like leaving the house without knowing my destination and it's the same for me with writing.

So what are your goals for February? Or do you not set yourself goals?

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  1. My goal for February is to polish the final draft of my novel. But normally I don't set goals. I'm not sure I've ever met one of my goals in my life, so why bother?

    I like the idea of writing the final chapter first, but I don't think it would be any more helpful to me than just knowing what the ending will be.

    Your idea of a rough draft is interesting. A lot of us probably do similar things.

    1. Good luck on polishing your novel! and congrats to getting to the final draft!

      I set goals all the time but don't really complete them often.

      I just find that having a physical representation of the end keeps me motivated that I will get there one day since it's a two book series.

      The rough draft doesn't contain chapter titles and doesn't create a smooth transition from one scene to another. I know some writers who do rough drafts by sitting down and writing on and one until they get to the end with now page breaks and section breaks.

      It's interesting how everyone's process differs.

  2. I always write the last chapter of a book before I begin it - that way it's done - I just need to finish it ;)

    I'm terrible for goals, I plan but never meet them. But best of luck! :)

    1. Lol! Very true!

      I'm the same. I like setting goals but forget about them! Thanks! Good luck with your writing too! I hope you achieve a goal one day!

  3. Hope you've been having luck with all your goals this month! I've been failing at mine abysmally, sigh.

    1. Thanks. I'm sorry I hope it gets better for you!


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