Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Does The Fashion World Hate Women?


Reckon this is a beautiful woman?

Google this model and look closely. You might be able to see the Adam's Apple.

Yep, this is a guy and he is one of the most successful and wanted women's model in the world at the moment.

Now, I love this guy. He looks great. But at the same time, this makes me feel uneasy.

The women models are not women. They are girls with the bodies of skinny boys. And they have sharp facial features that one would expect on a boy. But now it seems like the fashion world doesn't want women at all.

Why use a woman who is going to be hormonal? A woman who might get pregnant and gain some weight? A woman who might have a bit of meat on her. Why not just replace her with a man?

Fat on humans is a result of evolution/survival of the fittest. In the past when there was a famine, those most likely to survive were the humans with more fat. Why? Because more fat meant more energy stored away. Those who naturally didn't carry fat on them would usually be the first to die.

But times have changed. Anyone carrying a bit of fat on them is suddenly disgusting and doesn't take care of themselves.

I see nothing wrong with slim people but the fashion world wants sticks and stones. And it looks gross. When I see pictures of models, I don't see the clothes, I see their bones sticking out in weird places and their cheekbones jutting out of their cheeks like razors.

And there's something else which left a bad taste in my mouth.


Yes they are women. Yes, they are standing besides caskets. And yes, they looks creepily deathly.

God forbid a model was allowed to show her face and crack a smile. Smiling makes one look more attractive.

But it's not all bad in fashion.

This is a woman showing off a dress from Oscar De La Renta. The woman looks beautiful in my opinion and the dress is actually not that bad compared to what some fashion designers like to call fashion.

So what do you think about this portrayal of women in fashion? Should women look more natural? Should they smile? And do you think the fashion world hates women?



  1. I find a man modeling women's clothes a bit ludicrous. I don't think the fashion industry dislikes women, they just like skinny women. This is such a big topic and you hold no punches. I'll let you figure it all out.

    1. They definitely do like skinny women. They just dislike femininity.

  2. A guy modeling as a woman? O_O Whoa.

    I wouldn't necessarily say that the fashion world hates women, but it's definitely unhealthy for women, IMO. Like you said, they want sticks and stones for models. It's disturbing!

    1. Yes it's very weird.

      It sort of is. I feel so bad at myself when I see such skinny girls. Makes me feel fat!


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