Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Book Love: Everneath by Brodi Ashton

Yes, the cover is absolutely stunning! And I would give anything to have that dress!

So I borrowed this book and don't have it right now so I won't be able to refer back to it. Anyway, here it goes. I might update this once I get my own copy though. Beware to anyone reading! This is going to include spoilers.

So this book works with flashbacks before and after Nikki's time in the Everneath where Cole fed off her for 100 years which is just six months in our world. This helps us to understand what happened rather than Ms Ashton info-dumping which was a nice change from a YA book.

Now I hoped I would be blown away by this book and was worried because I have a tendency not to like YA books since the Twilight-Copy Rush. But this book was a lovely read. The relationship and love between Nikki and Jack actually felt real and believable and I was actually rooting for them all the way through the book. Usually, I like the bad guy but in this I didn't really like Cole. He was a jerk towards Nikki and it seems like he's just an abusive guy who wants to use her.

And he does have a reason for wanting Nikki and it isn't that he loves her. He just wants to take over the Everneath so if Nikki does choose him in the end, I will hunt that girl down and stab her. Jack is the guy every girl wants. He was devoted to Nikki. He genuinely wanted to help her. He felt her pain. And what he did in the end is proof that Nikki needs to save Jack. But I really do believe she will choose Jack over Cole.

While Cole was evil though, he was a likeable villain. You could see where he was coming from and he was your typical bad guy. There was no pink fluff with this guy.

The plot was the typical retelling of the Persephone myth but an enjoyable one. Ms Ashton had introduced her own ideas and twists to the book and also included the myth of Eurydice and Orpheus which was lovely as it included more dimension to the plot.

The writing was clean and easy to understand but this did not detract the quality of the writing. While I do believe that this could could have been a bit shorter (it was 384 pages/AmazonUSA) I didn't feel like it was dragged on too long and the book did seem to be tightened somewhat by an editor although I don't think it comes anywhere close to some other books (especially the YA books before Twilight) which were rather short (I'm talking 200 pages long and some were even less during the 90's before HP).

I will definitely be waiting for the sequel (it's long wait I tell you!) since I cried at the ending of this book.

There were some aspects of romance but don't worry. It wasn't sappy or too romance-y. It was a nice balance.

If there is one thing I have learnt from reading this book it is that there are some amazing YA books out there. Now I'm just hoping this series gets big because it deserves it!

Kamille :D


  1. Nice book cover, but I didn't read the review due to spoilers.

    1. I'm glad. I don't want to be spoiling it for anyone!

      Yes the cover is nice!

  2. I avoided the spoilers, but wow, that cover is gorgeous! Thanks for putting this book on my radar; I never heard of it till now....

    1. I know it so is! I love the dress!

      No problems. It took me a while to find it too.


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