Saturday, 25 February 2012

As Spring Comes In & Comedians

I have no clothes and no money to buy Spring/Summer stuff and so am stuck with Winter stuff until I can get some money.

And recently I've discovered a new comedian. For people who don't know, I love comedians, especially the ones who are actually funny.

This man's name is Gabriel Iglesias and he's hilarious.

Watch some of his videos! He's brilliant! I hope he comes to London one day!


PS. I'm ill at the moment with pharyngitis or something so there won't be consistent posting during the next week and the lack of posts this week is due to just being extremely busy.


  1. :) My favorite comedian is Danny Bhoy... he's finally coming within driving distance of me next month, and I'm going with my best friend to see him. Color me happy.

    1. Hope you have fun! I've never had the opportunity to see a comedian live.

  2. Haha, funny vid! It's weird, because I adore comedy, yet I don't really seek out comedians much. Time to change that, huh? XD

    Also, hope you start feeling better! It always sucks to be sick. :(

    1. I don't like many comedians because they mostly rely on swearing and sex jokes. But this dude is funny.

      Thanks. I'm feeling somewhat better except for my croaky voice.


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