Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I've Been Tagged

I guess the title pretty much explains it.

So apparently these are the rules:

The Tag rules:
1. You post the rules!
2. Answer the questions and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag five (it's a neat number!) people and link to them.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them.

1. What did you hide from your parents? - A lot of things. I'm not big on telling my parents my secrets. Would get into trouble. I did once hide from my mum that I was melting my crayons against the radiator though. She made a huge fuss and couldn't figure out who it was.
2. Who are your heroes? - My mum. My sister. JK Rowling.
3. What is the most exciting thing you have ever done on a dare? - I don't really remember. I did once get egged on by some friends to sniff some chemicals in chemistry. I felt so woozy I needed to go outside for fresh air.
4. Do you think you are hard on yourself? - Definitely. I try not to be though.
5.  What's your favorite flavor of ice cream and why? - Vanilla. It's plain and doesn't have any messy bits in it. Tastes nice too.
6. What is your longest grudge? - These boys who bullied me pretty badly once. I would still happily kick them in their private regions if I met them.
7. What is your greatest talent? - Writing. It's my only talent. I used to be really good at maths though. Does that count?
8.  Why do people like you? - Dunno. Seriously.
9. How do you know when it's safe to trust someone? - When I don't feel defensive all the time. I'm not extremely trusting of people but when I can talk to someone and they pay attention, I know they're safe.
10. What person in your family would you like to travel back in time to meet? - My maternal grandmother. She was severely ill while my mum was pregnant with me. I was born 10 weeks premature so I had to stay in NICU for a month. When I left, my mum was packing to get me on a plane to Pakistan so she could meet me. She died a day after I left hospital. I've never met any of my grandparents which is something that has always saddened me.
11. What were the last three books you bought? - Ooh! They're all textbooks. But reading books - Beautiful Creatures(Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl), A Jodi Picoult book and Spider Bones (Kathy Reichs).

So here are the people I'm tagging:

Jessica from Jessica Love Writes
Richard from Writing and Living by Richard P. Hughes
Miss Cole from Miss Cole Seeks Publisher
Heather from Edgy Author
Sareh from Birds of a Writer

Here are your questions!

1) When was the first time you travelled away from home?
2) Did you ever dream of the ground eating you?
3) What's the best meal you can cook?
4) Have you ever met an author?
5) How cool was meeting that author?
6) What is your secret ambition?
7) Who is the scariest person you have stood up to?
8) Have you ever tasted sea water?
9) What's your favourite song and why?
10) Blogging or Writing?



Saturday, 25 February 2012

As Spring Comes In & Comedians

I have no clothes and no money to buy Spring/Summer stuff and so am stuck with Winter stuff until I can get some money.

And recently I've discovered a new comedian. For people who don't know, I love comedians, especially the ones who are actually funny.

This man's name is Gabriel Iglesias and he's hilarious.

Watch some of his videos! He's brilliant! I hope he comes to London one day!


PS. I'm ill at the moment with pharyngitis or something so there won't be consistent posting during the next week and the lack of posts this week is due to just being extremely busy.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Does The Fashion World Hate Women?


Reckon this is a beautiful woman?

Google this model and look closely. You might be able to see the Adam's Apple.

Yep, this is a guy and he is one of the most successful and wanted women's model in the world at the moment.

Now, I love this guy. He looks great. But at the same time, this makes me feel uneasy.

The women models are not women. They are girls with the bodies of skinny boys. And they have sharp facial features that one would expect on a boy. But now it seems like the fashion world doesn't want women at all.

Why use a woman who is going to be hormonal? A woman who might get pregnant and gain some weight? A woman who might have a bit of meat on her. Why not just replace her with a man?

Fat on humans is a result of evolution/survival of the fittest. In the past when there was a famine, those most likely to survive were the humans with more fat. Why? Because more fat meant more energy stored away. Those who naturally didn't carry fat on them would usually be the first to die.

But times have changed. Anyone carrying a bit of fat on them is suddenly disgusting and doesn't take care of themselves.

I see nothing wrong with slim people but the fashion world wants sticks and stones. And it looks gross. When I see pictures of models, I don't see the clothes, I see their bones sticking out in weird places and their cheekbones jutting out of their cheeks like razors.

And there's something else which left a bad taste in my mouth.


Yes they are women. Yes, they are standing besides caskets. And yes, they looks creepily deathly.

God forbid a model was allowed to show her face and crack a smile. Smiling makes one look more attractive.

But it's not all bad in fashion.

This is a woman showing off a dress from Oscar De La Renta. The woman looks beautiful in my opinion and the dress is actually not that bad compared to what some fashion designers like to call fashion.

So what do you think about this portrayal of women in fashion? Should women look more natural? Should they smile? And do you think the fashion world hates women?


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day - The Most Unromantic Day Of The Year


 Yeah it's February 14th again. The most unromantic day of the year.


Well there are two reasons why.

1) I'm single.
2) This is the 8th anniversary of the day I had my first period.

The first one is something I can deal with. The second is just plain suckish. I can never think of Valentine's Day in a romantic context. In fact, I think of crying in the bathroom and clutching a hot water bottle every time I think of this cursed day.

There's nothing romantic about it for me. I hate this day. A lot.

My friends used to joke about it and it was not funny. It made me the butt of a lot of jokes. It's also just annoying that red is the colour of blood and the colour of Valentine's Day. That just makes it a great deal worse.

Urgh. And the first thing I saw when I woke up? A Valentine's Day movie on television.


I'll do my best to avoid this day. Please just be over quickly!


Monday, 13 February 2012

When Your Writing Stalls

I thought baking a cake would be fun and get me motivated. (Go to my twitter page here to see a picture of the cake or atleast two slices of it to see what it turned out like). But I was wrong. Instead, I've just got yummy cake inside of me with no motivation.

This has been one of the longest writing slumps that I've ever gone through. I tend to go through them during winter when it's dark, cold and I have to study. They only last a few days though. This has lasted about two weeks now. And it's depressing. I last wrote something about a week and a half ago and it was something that I didn't even like.

This is different from Writer's Block. WB is like trying to write and rubbish coming out. Slumps are not wanting to write but having the ideas in your head. Slumps are basically lazy times for writers. That's how I put it. 

I've tried everything to get out of this slump but nothing is working. I'm not sleep deprived and I'm not busy. In fact, I have all the time to write a novel in a week but I'm just not in the mood. No, I'm in the mood but I just can't settle on a project. There's too much taking place in my mind for me to cope at the moment.

And for some really weird reason, I really want to go for a drive through an empty country road. It sucks when you don't live in the country.

So I'm just gonna go get some college work done and then I think I might try and pull some painful words out of me. I hope it works.

Have you ever gone through a writing slump? I'd love to know.


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Top 10 Homework Excuses - And Why You Shouldn't Use Them

I used to have a lot of homework excuses and still do. Most of them didn't work and some of them worked but later backfired on me.

So here are the top 10 that I used!

  1. "I left it at home." - This one gets used a lot because teachers can never tell if you really have done it or not. This excuse does not indicate that you haven't done it and many students will rely on this one. But don't use it. In fact, avoid it. It's used too often and will only work in the teachers who either don't care or are pushovers. The other thing with this excuse is that your teacher will then want it in the next day and if you haven't done it, you now have 24 hours to get it done. 
  2. "My [insert relative] died." - JUST DON'T USE THIS! First of all, I used this and my uncle died a few hours later. I felt guilty. Second of all, it's something teachers will ask your parents about if they ever bump into them. You run the risk of teachers apologising to your parents about the loss of a relative. If you are ever going to use this, replace this excuse with "My [insert relative] was sick so I didn't have time."
  3. "I left it on the train." - I thought I was clever using this excuse. Until my college decided to make us contact the train company to get our folders back. We never actually left anything on the train. We reckoned that it was the best excuse because they'd be no way your homework would turn up again. Wrong. The train people kept everyone's stuff and put it in lost property. If they didn't have our stuff, the teachers would know we lied. 
  4. "I can't find it." - Brilliant excuse. But it makes you look forgetful. Really forgetful. And stupid. Plus, some teachers will instantly connect it with "I didn't do it." If you're going to use this excuse, chuck a crapload of paper into your bag and spill it onto your desk. You're teacher will quickly move on tot he next student. Make sure your bag is messy and full of a lot of clutter. You're teacher will not wait for you to go through it. 
  5. "I didn't know we had any." - Even though your teacher reminded you five times. And if you wrote it in your diary, you're doomed. This is not effective. Don't use it. 
  6. "I found it hard." - Teachers will always suggest you ask them for help before the day it was due in then. You will soon find yourself staying behind after school for extra lessons to help you understand future homeworks. You will then never be able to use this excuse again.
  7. "I spilt a drink on it." - Your teacher will want proof. Use this and bring in soggy scraps of paper for proof. But make sure you can't read the smudgy writing.
  8. "I wasn't feeling very well." - When you're younger, it's a great excuse. But if you're in high school or college, teachers will suddenly not be as sympathetic. It's not the best excuse unless you have a medical condition or genuinely have just taken a 4 day absence from school/college. The best thing to do if you use this and are in school or college is to talk to the teacher at the beginning of the lesson or day and ask for an extension. Beware though, some teachers will know if you were ill or not. Use this with caution. Girls, only use this excuse when you are not wearing makeup and haven't brushed your hair. 
  9. "My printer wasn't working." - I thought I was a genius by using this. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that and my teacher told me I should've just written it out by hand. Use this if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Otherwise, don't use it. 
  10. "My computer crashed." - No it didn't. The teacher knows it didn't. And your teacher will only accept this excuse if only used once. More than once, and your teacher will suggest you buy a new computer. 

Here are the homework excuses with a high rate of acceptance by teachers:
  1. [Insert relative] had to go to hospital/was ill and I had to help him/her. 
  2. Send a fake document by email that will either not open or is full of crap to your teacher. Apologise and promise to send a correct link in. 
  3. Pretend you emailed it. Say the email must not have sent. 
  4. If you have a job, say you must have left it at work since you did it while on a work break. 
  5. Hand in the wrong homework or better, hand in a previously done homework. This won't work for people who never complete homework though. 
  6. If you are a girl and your teacher is a male, say you were on your period. If you are a male or have a female teacher, don't use this excuse. 
  7. Send an email to your teacher with an attached file that opens and make sure the word document is full of symbols. 
  8. Admit that you just didn't do it and couldn't bother with coming up with an excuse. Some, surprisingly, will appreciate the truth. 
  9. Walk into the classroom and go "What homework?" Insist that you genuinely had no idea you had homework. But don't say "I didn't know we had homework." "What homework?" suggests that you're shocked at the revelation that you had homework. Then say that you thought it was in for a later date (no more than 2 days after actual deadline). Kindly ask for an extension.
  10. Throw up on a piece of paper with some random writing on. Put it in a plastic bag. Your teacher will not want to touch it. Recipe for vomit:
    1. Mashed potato
    2. Beans 
    3. Diet Coke (About 30ml should do it)
    4. A raw egg. 
      1. Mix your ingredients together in a bowl. 
      2. Dip the paper in the bowl. Make sure it is the writing side that comes into contact with the crap. 
      3. For maximum effectiveness, leave the 'sick' to settle for at least 24 hours. 

So there we have it, a detailed guide to homework excuses. But remember kids, don't use more than one every two weeks on the same teacher. You'll risk looking like a fool or being told off for never having homework. I was once threatened off a course for two months worth of no homework.


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Walking Wotsits - Something I Noticed Today


Not a good look guys! You look like these 

I see it is a trend among young girls (especially those under 21) to look like a cheese puff with blonde hair and foundation lips that make you look aneamic. Who the hell thought this was a good look? It looks awful!

I was shopping and lost count of how many Walking Wotsits I saw after an hour. This look isn't even sexy. It makes you look filthy!

Now there's nothing wrong with this

This is actually a good look! It may just be that this woman is genuinely pretty and isn't making a duckface though.

But the woman at the top looks fake and stupid. The woman at the bottom is beautiful!

So, what's your favourite look? Pic 1 or Pic 2?

I'm going with Pic 2.


Thursday, 9 February 2012

When The Central Heating Breaks Down

I think this must happen to everybody in winter every year. It's annoying but it seems like it happens to us every year. 

So the heating isn't working since it was leaking fluid and was shut down since the liquid was dangerous or something. So it's going to be -3 C tonight and we have no heating.

It's a good thing I'm a girl and therefore have a hair dryer that can keep me somewhat warm. When I go to bed tonight though, I'm going to get in after heating up my blankets with my hair dryer lol! It will keep me toasty enough until I fall asleep.

Another way I'm keeping warm is by drinking lots of tea. Now I've had a lot of anxiety attacks in the past couple of weeks but I need this tea or I'm going to get cold very quickly.

I've also got a hoodie on but that with my nose stud is making me look somewhat like a chav. I won't be going out with the hoodie on lol!

I'm going to finish my homework really quickly so I can get into bed with my (warm) laptop and write for the rest of the evening!

It's a good thing the boilerman is coming back tomorrow morning to fix the heating! It's going to be -8 C tomorrow night haha!


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Book Love: Everneath by Brodi Ashton

Yes, the cover is absolutely stunning! And I would give anything to have that dress!

So I borrowed this book and don't have it right now so I won't be able to refer back to it. Anyway, here it goes. I might update this once I get my own copy though. Beware to anyone reading! This is going to include spoilers.

So this book works with flashbacks before and after Nikki's time in the Everneath where Cole fed off her for 100 years which is just six months in our world. This helps us to understand what happened rather than Ms Ashton info-dumping which was a nice change from a YA book.

Now I hoped I would be blown away by this book and was worried because I have a tendency not to like YA books since the Twilight-Copy Rush. But this book was a lovely read. The relationship and love between Nikki and Jack actually felt real and believable and I was actually rooting for them all the way through the book. Usually, I like the bad guy but in this I didn't really like Cole. He was a jerk towards Nikki and it seems like he's just an abusive guy who wants to use her.

And he does have a reason for wanting Nikki and it isn't that he loves her. He just wants to take over the Everneath so if Nikki does choose him in the end, I will hunt that girl down and stab her. Jack is the guy every girl wants. He was devoted to Nikki. He genuinely wanted to help her. He felt her pain. And what he did in the end is proof that Nikki needs to save Jack. But I really do believe she will choose Jack over Cole.

While Cole was evil though, he was a likeable villain. You could see where he was coming from and he was your typical bad guy. There was no pink fluff with this guy.

The plot was the typical retelling of the Persephone myth but an enjoyable one. Ms Ashton had introduced her own ideas and twists to the book and also included the myth of Eurydice and Orpheus which was lovely as it included more dimension to the plot.

The writing was clean and easy to understand but this did not detract the quality of the writing. While I do believe that this could could have been a bit shorter (it was 384 pages/AmazonUSA) I didn't feel like it was dragged on too long and the book did seem to be tightened somewhat by an editor although I don't think it comes anywhere close to some other books (especially the YA books before Twilight) which were rather short (I'm talking 200 pages long and some were even less during the 90's before HP).

I will definitely be waiting for the sequel (it's long wait I tell you!) since I cried at the ending of this book.

There were some aspects of romance but don't worry. It wasn't sappy or too romance-y. It was a nice balance.

If there is one thing I have learnt from reading this book it is that there are some amazing YA books out there. Now I'm just hoping this series gets big because it deserves it!

Kamille :D

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Writing Goals For February

First of all, here is the link to a website that explain the Open Door event a YA imprint of a publisher are doing where they will accept unsolicited manuscripts from writers. They want YA fantasy/sci-fi stuff and it has to be a novel (the first in a series if there is a series).

Click here to read more about this

Onto the post for today. Since I've struggled to write during the past few days, I thought I would create some writing goals for this month to help me along the way towards a finished manuscript.

I don't usually like goals but I like to have something to work towards so I'm going to make some open minded goals for myself.

  1. Finish the rough draft for Lina's Book. A rough draft is just a collection of all the scenes that must be in the book which is brief so it's like the bones of a body. 
  2. Plan the rest of the series. 
  3. Write the last chapter in the series. 
Okay so number three may be strange but I always find it helpful to have an end point so I know where my story is going to end. I don't like leaving the house without knowing my destination and it's the same for me with writing.

So what are your goals for February? Or do you not set yourself goals?

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Writing: Hobby Or Job?


What is writing for you? Do you consider it a hobby or a job?

I've read many articles online and on other people's blogs that if you want to get published then you should stop treating writing like a hobby and start treating it like a job.

I did try to treat my writing as a job but it got so boring! I was putting so much effort into it and structuring my writing time so much that I ended up getting bored and searching for cute husky pictures online (I fooking love huskies!).

My writing is at its worst when I try to treat it like a job and sit for hours and hours writing non-stop. It's because I get so bored. I'd rather be able to get up every ten minutes to walk around my room, stretch a bit and then stick my head out of my window to get some fresh air. I like to play music while thinking about my writing and love to browse the internet for inspiration but the second I begin enjoying it, I see it more as a hobby and less as a job.

After years and years of being told

job = boring
hobby = fun

I've struggled to treat writing as a job because I just love writing so much, treating it like a job bores me.

So does that mean I'll never get published?

No, it doesn't. The important thing when writing is to take it seriously. Treat your projects with respect. Set some goals. Breathe some life into it. Love it. And have fun.

Because taking it seriously means you get something done and writing being a hobby means that you can enjoy it too. And writing is really hard when you hate it. I should know, I've had writer's block!

So take writing seriously but don't forget to have fun while you're at it. And don't treat it like a job! Jobs are boring. Treat it more like a profession. That sounds more fun! :D