Thursday, 19 January 2012

Reflections On My Writing Life - 2011

I had originally planned to do this for every month but forgot about it so this post is going to focus on mostly November and December and a little about 2011 as a whole.

So here is November and December:
  • I've somehow ventured back to my YA Paranormal novel and did some work on it but promptly put it to the side to complete college coursework. I also developed the idea for another YA Paranormal series which will require extensive planning so I've started making notes for that project.
  • In November, I discovered that writing late at night was no longer working for me. I've found that I tend to work much better from about 2pm to 9pm and after that, I get tired and just want to sleep. 
  • My Children's fantasy has started to stall probably because I feel like I'm not experienced enough to write about it yet. 
  • Sometime in late December, I developed an odd interest in the writing habits of other writers and their processes. I'm also interested in reading about writer's and their lives and have no idea why. It's becoming quite obsessive. It's also contributing to me wasting a lot of time. 
  • My illness (Hidradenitis Supportativa) made the actual writing quite difficult because I was either ill or struggling to catch up with work I had fallen behind with. 
  • I began to really take my writing seriously and have created a deadline for myself. I need a finished manuscript by the end of August 2012 and it doesn't matter what the genre is.
So I think that's everything for Nov/Dec.

Here is a summary of 2011:
  • I began writing children's fiction again. 
  • I stopped writing on the computer and began working my mojo longhand since I focus better when writing on paper. 
  • I started blogging properly and actually making an effort with my posts. 
  • I stepped away from YA for a bit. 
  • I wrote a dystopic piece of fiction for a college class and got an A for it! I don't like dystopic fiction though.
  • I told a friend I'm a writer. Turns out, she's a writer too!
And that's it! It felt like a short year as a writer since I usually tend to do more but on reflection, it seems like it wasn't such a bad year after all!

So how was your year? Was it as productive as you'd hoped? What is your outlook for this year?

I'd love to know so feel free to leave a comment!



  1. Sounds like 2011 was a pretty productive writing year for you, even though you think you didn't do as much as past ones! :)

    Good luck with all the planning you need to do for that new YA Paranormal series of yours! World-building and such can be so tough, and even when it isn't tough, it's still time-consuming, but the work is always worth it in the end!

    Good luck with your children's fantasy as well. I've had a lot of my own books stall, too, in the past, because for one reason or another, I just wasn't ready for them at the time. If you don't end up returning to this book soonish, hopefully you'll be motivated to again in the future!

    I'm obsessed with reading about other people's writing habits/processes, too. It's just so fascinating! I love seeing how certain ideas spark, and the ways I'm able to relate (or not relate) to how they write in general.

    That really sucks how your illness got in the way of writing, but it is completely understandable. Hopefully your Hidradenitis Supportativa will be nicer to you this year so you can get heaps of writing done!

    I like writing longhand, too. That's usually my preferred method, since writing straight on the computer tends to make me too much of a perfectionist, stalling any true writing. Lately, though, I find myself going back and forth between both methods pretty evenly. Crazy!

    Go you for getting an A on your dystopic story! LOL at you not liking dystopic fiction, though. I never usually did in the past, but Scott Westerfeld's books have made me more open to them, since his Uglies series was amazing.

    And aw, how awesome that your friend turned out to be a writer, too! It's so great to have a fellow writer around. I don't know about you, but non-writers tend to not understand how my brain works, haha.

    In 2011, I finally finished the major revision/rewrite of a book I'd been working on for years, so as you can guess, I'm relieved! I'm still tweaking it a little, but for the most part, the book is done. I also started working on a completely new book in 2011 and hope to finish it this year! Good luck finishing your own book, too, this year, no matter what book it ends up being! :)

    1. Thanks.

      I hope I do get motivated again. It's quite an interesting concept, especially considering children's fantasy is always being redone.

      I hope so too. It's not been so bad in the past few weeks since my medication has been doubled in strength.

      I still do that (handwriting - computer). It's just typing gets it all down faster I guess.

      I've still got to read the Uglies series. I was really shocked at the A. I thought it would be a C at most!

      She is a fellow writer but although we both write in paranormal, we're quite different. I think she includes a lot more fantasy whereas I choose to steer towards the Gothic which I love!

      Oh wow! You rewrote an entire book? That must have been so stressful! That's the hardest part of the process! And it can take forever if you're not really in the mood for it. I know i tend to write it down once and not bother again. Yay for new projects! I hope you finish it this year. Good luck!

      Thanks. I'm quite excited to see what happens!

  2. That's good that the medicine is keeping it from being so bad! :)

    Haha, I was the same way when I was in school, thinking I'd fail an assignment, only to ace it. I hope you enjoy the Uglies series whenever you get around to it. I loved the POV the author decided to tell it from. By any other writer, it would have been told from the POV of the protagonist's righteous best friend, IMO, so the fact that it wasn't was refreshing!

    And hey, you and your friend may be different types of paranormal writers, but you're still writers, which gives you two a lot more to relate to!

    I only rewrote 1/2-2/3s of the book, but yeah, a lot of work! There was a point where I thought I'd never complete it and should have never gutted it like I did, but the book ended up better for it.

    Good luck again for all your writing goals in 2012! :)

    1. Scott Westerfeld (that his name?) is pretty good! I read some other works of his.

      I know. She's my first ever writer friend in real life! It's so cool!

      That's still a significant portion so well done! Well you did get through it so you can give yourself that!

      Thanks! You too! It better be since the world is apparently going to end this year.

    2. Yep, Scott Westerfeld! I've read heaps of his books and have yet to hate any of them. So Yesterday is easily my favorite book of his, but is easily the least known of his YAs....

      The world better not end. I have way too much I want to accomplish, and I need more than a year to do it all! XD

    3. I've only read Parasite Positive/Peeps. I shall have to find the Uglies series soon. I've not read SO Yesterday. Is that one of his older works?

      I know! Don't worry about the mayan thing though. They didn't finish their calendar because of the end of days. They just died before they could finish it.

    4. Heh, yeah, I've heard that about the Mayan calendar. It's still fun to joke about the apocalypse, though. XD

      Have you read the sequel to Peeps, called The Last Days? It's just as good as the first, despite having different narrators!

      So Yesterday came out in 2004 and is this really fun whodunit with a commercialism angle, from the perspective of a "cool hunter." It literally made me laugh out loud on nearly every single page, it's that clever and funny! (Because of this book, I have the most random urge to exclaim, "Fiddle lucker" and "Poo sham! It horrifies your glare!" sometimes. Which...probably doesn't make sense out of context. Oh, well. Haha.)

    5. I know! Especially if you joke to somebody who believes it's going to happen on 21st Dec 2012. Their reaction is usually priceless.

      Nope. I've only read the first.

      So it's funny? Then I definitely have to get it! I love books that me laugh!

    6. Definitely funny! I remember reading this at school, and I could not hold back my laughter. Embarrassing, yes, but it proves how amazing the book is, I think. So Yesterday is easily one of my fave books of all-time!

    7. I have definitely got to get it then!

      I know what you mean.

      We used to read a lot of books with swear words and every time someone said it, I would giggle like an idiot.

  3. sounds like your year was fantastic, wishing you the best in the year to come!

    1. Thanks! I hope 2012 is the same for you!

      I was still hoping to have a finished manuscript in 2011.

  4. Seems like you accomplished quite a bit even with your illness. I have a bad back and write lying down with my laptop. It actually gets me through the times I have to stay down. I decided not to have any resolutions last year, but I still was able to complete and send some revisions on a novel an editor is interested in and revise another novel and plot out another one, so I feel pretty good about that.

    1. Yeah the illness tends to come in 'waves' so I write during the remission periods.

      I'm sorry about your bad back. I'm having back problems with a lump in mine and I can so totally relate to the back pain. Sitting down just hurts too much sometimes.

      Congrats on completing your novel and sending it to an editor! That sounds exciting! And congrats on your other achievements too! I'm glad writing helps you get through the tough times and I hope you get better.


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