Friday, 13 January 2012

How To Study For A Test When You're Lazy

If you're reading this, chances are that you're a pathetically lazy student with exams approaching. Don't worry because I'm just like you.

If you're topic is something you're genuinely interested in, then good for you. The process of studying and revision will be fairly easy. You will enjoy it and will willingly try your best.

This is going to be dedicated for everyone who doesn't like the topics their exam is on.

Approaching this problem can be quite tricky. Most students with courses they aren't interested in will struggle to find the motivation to work hard. Despite what some people think, good grades isn't mostly dependent on one's intelligence levels. The key to doing well as a student is: motivation.

The only problem is that most schools will not focus on motivating students. They have jam packed schedules and guidelines that leave very little time for the things that will help you get the best grade possible.


Motivation will get you ready to sit down and get on with your work. 
Here's a definition of 'Motivation':

  1. The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.
  2. The general desire or willingness of someone to do something. 

The main word is desire. If you don't want to sit and study, it's going to be very difficult. 

One way to gain motivation to study is to make a list of all the topics in order from the ones you're most interested in to the ones you're least interested in. 

The first topic needs to be the third most interesting and the last two topics needs need to the the second and first most interesting topics. In the middle, include all the other topics in any order you want and then work through the list in order. 

Next, make sure you have everything you need. Do you have all your notes? 

If not, then a few weeks before the exam, find some study materials and use it to make notes. When you have an adequate amount of notes, take a break. Spend an hour or two doing something fun and exciting. Remember that exam time doesn't necessarily mean you have to bore yourself to death. 

Then get back into studying mode. This is the hardest bit. You know a long struggle is ahead of you and you would much rather watch cartoons than get to work. But you need to put fun stuff behind you and seriously have a think about which will serve you better in the long term. 

Answer this question: 

Would you rather have one bar of chocolate now or not have any for a month and then get a hundred?

This question can be rephrased?

Would you rather have fun now or have no fun for a month and then have fun? 

We can go further:

Would you rather spend all your time with friends or ignore them and study for a month and get good grades so you can celebrate with them? 

This is a case of considering the short and long term benefits and consequences. 

What would you rather look like on results day?

Or this:

You can decide which.

Three years of being a lazy bum has taught me that wasting time is not going to get me the good grades I need to get into a good university.

Being lazy is fun. But remember, it can also be dangerous.

Find something fun about your course or make it fun. And think about the consequences.

Work hard now and you can have fun and be lazy when you've smashed your exams. 

Keep some snacks close with you and make sure your study space is well lit, ventilated and free from distractions. 

Keep to the 50/10 rule. Work for 50 minutes and take a 10 minute break. Any longer than 10 minutes and you run the risk of never returning back to your studying. 

And to those of you lazy bums who won't be studying, don't worry. I'll update with a blog post soon on how to cram for an exam when you're lazy soon. 

In the meantime, get studying!



  1. I'm not in college anymore, but gosh, I remember being like this far too much! It was too easy for me to put things off till the last minute because I just didn't want to do it. Motivation definitely makes more blahish things like studying bearable....

    Good luck on your exams!

    1. I used to do this all the time, until I realised it was costing me pass grades.


  2. It's been way too long since I graduated from University, but I have teenage kids and one of the hardest lessons to teach them is the point you make: work now so you can play later. You don't want to sit back on results day, or when you're applying for that dream job, or when you're sitting with your kids recollecting your University days and think, "if only I'd worked harder..." Youth has a tendency NOT to think of consequences. Not all young people are that way, but many go with what feels right at the moment. If you need motivation to study, you need to think beyond the moment.

    I hope your peers take note of your advice, Kamille. :)

    1. I hope you can teach your kids how to get studying. This is your one chance to do well. I'd much rather get good grades now than spend my 20s and 30s going back to school.

  3. Thank you so much I needed this advice


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