Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How To Be Lazy

Since I've been feeling down over the past few hours, I thought I would write a funny and lighthearted post that doesn't require much effort. So I thought I'd write a quick guide on how to be lazy! Why? Because I am the laziest person in the world.

So here we go.
  1. Eat with your mouth open. It'll make you look disgusting. BONUS POINTS!
  2. Put your clothes on without ironing them. The creases will make it look like you literally just rolled out of bed. 
  3. For girls: don't brush your hair. You'll look like a bird just dropped its nest on your head. 
  4. Drink water out of a plastic bottle which was last used two weeks ago. The bottle may smell too. BONUS POINTS!
  5. Do only half the homework your teacher told you to. Act like you know when he/she points out it's incomplete. 
  6. Slouch your back. BONUS POINTS for resting your legs on the table. 
  7. Yawn. Loudly. Don't cover your mouth. 
  8. Phone your Mum on the phone to get her to bring up a glass of water. 
  9. Don't clean your room. BONUS POINTS for leaving dirty plates and glasses in your room. 
  10. Burp. A lot. 
  11. Rub your eyes. 
  12. Sit back. 
  13. Watch TV a lot. 
  14. Gain weight. 
  15. Eat lots of junk food. 
  16. Call for a pizza, leave the front door open. Tell them to bring it in. 
  17. Go to a restaurant. Don't order food. Tell them you need to think. Sleep. 
  18. Sleep. In public places. A lot. BONUS POINTS for wearing baggy and dirty clothes. 
  19. Call up your boss and use the excuse that you've temporarily lost the function of your legs. 
  20. Pretend to be sick. Sleep all day. 
  21. Don't shower or bathe. BONUS POINTS for smelling like cat vomit. 
  22. Let the mail collect in your letterbox. Only get the mail out once it starts to overflow. 
So there we go! That is my guide on how to be lazy! I hope you enjoyed it!

Would you add anything else to the list? How lazy are you on a scale of 1 to 10.

1 - What's laziness?
10 - *yawn*



  1. I think you're going for more than lazy, more like disgusting. But I like the satirical approach.

    1. lol! Yes! But I am disgusting! I'm a teenager!

  2. LOL! Fun list! I must admit, I've found myself doing a lot of these things in the past.... XD

    1. I think everyone has done a lot of the points! Thanks!

  3. Here's another one: don't sweep the kitchen floor, let debris build up until bits of fish fingers, bread crust etc start sticking to your socks. This is particularly easy if you have kids. I'm joking... a bit.

    Nice to meet you! I'm here via Nick Hight's blog.

    1. Those are some good points! Especially the one about not sweeping the kitchen floor!

      I don't have kids but my house is still filthy! My brothers contribute to the mess.

      Nice to meet you too!


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