Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Genre Dumping

First of all, thanks to everyone who cheered me up and wished me luck when I had a flare up. I'm feeling much better now thanks! I'll get ill again but I'm hoping I have at least two months off!

So here is my post. I've missed regular blogging! And I've missed you guys too! You're seriously the most awesome people I've met! Especially Heather.

I went to a creative writing group a while ago and usually I tend to stay well away but I thought I'd try it out to see how it goes.

The people there were lovely and we were doing a humongous collaboration.

That is where the problem started. No one could decide upon a genre.

The solution: use every genre possible.

Woah! That's a bit extreme I know! But this is how it went down.

"Lets give her some problems like grief to deal with."

"Lets put some vampires in! But scary ones."

"Lets put some dytopia in! We need a weird government for no reason whatsoever."

"And some mystery, adventure, action, suspense, horror, thriller and romance but because we're intelligent peoples, the romance has to be a back-story! All good writers avoid writing romance!"

"And we need a mysterious title"

Everyone wanted a bit of everything. It was only when we looked at it all again, I realised we'd have to write it. I mean GOD! How do you do that? And the plot wasn't even fully fleshed. But these guys wanted to write it within six months.

I've been planning my fantasy series since 2008 and I'm not even properly at the writing stage! I can't write a novel in six months! Well no, I can but it would be no good. I'm not that kind of a writer. And the mashup of genres was awful. Seriously, if you're going to use multiple genres, at least have one main genre and sprinklings of other genres. These guys wanted all the genres to be important though and it didn't work.

They were prepared to jump in and then I realised that I wasn't that kind of a writer at all. I like to think and relax. I like to mix and match but I also want my ideas to complement each other.

And yes, I have been planning my children's fantasy since 2008. I've gone through many different plot changes though and mixed so many ideas together that the current plot is a stark contrast to my previous plots!



  1. Sounds like an... um... interesting exercise. It might be an interesting experiment, but I can't see it working as a serious writing project. You can't allow genre to dictate your story--at least I can't. When I get a story idea, I like to develop the story and see where it goes. If it ends up a contemporary, so be it. If it's fantasy, or paranormal, or dystopian--whatever. The story comes first. Always. At least in my book. :)

    Have you thought of just writing your children's fantasy? First draft--just go for it. It probably won't be perfect, and you will undoubtedly not be happy with it, but it will be written. And you might be able to see better what works and what doesn't. Perhaps the story will go in directions you didn't anticipate as you draft. Once it's written, you can then revise and re-write it to perfection. :)

  2. I can't see it working as a project either. I won't be going back and would rather focus on my own work.

    I tend to know what my genre is but I've never let it get in the way of my writing.

    Yeah I have but I can't seem to make it work. I've finally found my standing though. I write long hand though so the process is a lot slower than it is for someone who is writing on a computer.

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better! I've been missing blogging myself. It's always such a relief to get back into the swing of things!

    And wow, sooooo many genres! I love mixing genres as much as the next person, but this...yeeeeah. Seems a bit like overkill. It's never good trying to please everybody. Simplicity is the way to go sometimes.

    Like you, I also prefer to think and relax when it comes to writing. The past has taught me that it's not a good idea to just jump into a story. I need to let the characters and plot simmer in my head so once I start writing, I actually have an idea where things will go, to better avoid writer's block. Sometimes this only requires a month of planning. Sometimes it takes years. However long it takes, it's always worth it. Good luck whenever you're ready to dive into your children's fantasy!

    1. I'm glad too!

      I know. It's genre overkill. I felt bad though. I wanted to reign everyone in.

      Slow and steady wins the race. Well, it depends. Physical races require speed while mental races require slowness and relaxed speeds.


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