Friday, 2 December 2011

My Life As A Psychic

The woman on the train is staring at the ground. She's thinking: I need to remind the neighbours to keep their dog quiet.

The girl on the swings in the park is looking at the sky. She's thinking:  Why aren't the clouds shiny?

The woman at the till in the supermarket is thinking: These coupons are making my life a misery!

The man standing at the bus stop is thinking: I should have woken up earlier.

I'm not actually psychic but sometimes I just like to wonder what people are thinking. And then I wonder if people are trying to think about what I'm thinking. We can't read peoples' minds but we can certainly look at their faces and listen to them speak and sometimes that's enough.

I know that sometimes I've wished someone could see that I was in pain and help me without me having to tell them so I now make sure I pay attention to everyone.

So if you ever see somebody with a sad face or a miserable voice, ask them what's wrong.



  1. I love to imagine this, too. And great advice about paying attention to people. I think we as human beings don't do that enough.

  2. I've seen a lot of writers say they try imagining what other people are thinking...yet I'm not one of them. Probably because I'm too busy being swamped by the bajillion thoughts in my own head. Heh.

  3. @ Janet. I know. and it's a shame because we'd all get on so much better if we did.

    @ Heather. Haha! Fair enough! I can sympathise with the thoughts!


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