Saturday, 26 November 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons

You get some really disgusting lemonade. You need to add water and sugar anyway!

So I went shopping today and totally failed at buying the stuff I needed. Lesson learnt: plan before going shopping. I am tired from the trip though.

I have also noticed that I am behind with my blog posts. This post isn't going to be related to writing but the videos I'm going to show are some really funny ones that I found on Youtube. They're from the British show "Mock The Week".

Rejected Questions From This Years Exam Papers
Things You Wouldn't Hear At A School Assembly
Unlikely Lines From The Last Harry Potter Book
Russel Howard - Young People
Russel Howard - Education

These are probably the best ever clips on Youtube!

I would love to be a comedienne. Ah that would be so fun! If only I was actually funny :(



  1. "Mock the Week" seems to resemble "Whose Line Is It Anyway," which started life on Channel 4 while I was still living in the UK, and then made its way to the States where it was hugely successful. I don't know if the show's still running (either here or over there), but it was always a lot of fun to watch.

  2. Whose Line Is It Anyway is still running but I don't watch it much since I watch most my show online and Iplayer is much better than 4OD.

    How long did you live in the UK for?

  3. I meant it's still on TV but no new seasons are being made or anything

  4. I'm a ex-Pat Brit, so I was raised and educated in the UK through to university, after which I married an American and moved to the States. My family are all still in the UK.

  5. Oh that's cool! You must miss your family. I know I want to move to Canada if I get a job there after university but I would miss my family loads.


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