Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Being A Writer and Telling Lies

I don't know about other writers but I've found that years of being a natural story-teller has resulted in me being a compulsive liar. I lie at everything. My lies can be cruel, funny, insignificant or even pointless.

It's a habit. I'm addicted. Lying is my drug.

My theory is that my story-telling habits have just led me to enjoy spinning these epic tales of me doing stuff I'd never actually do. But now I've finally had to deal with the aftermath. People remember the lies.

"I thought you said you had a pond in your back garden?"

"I thought you said you were on a diet where you were only allowed to eat popcorn?"

Seriously, they get worse.

I've actually googled this. I've now self-diagnosed myself with compulsive liar syndrome. I was quite surprised this even existed.

I've not met many people who lie like me. Although I probably wouldn't know if they were lying or not.

Anyway, I'm off to do a set of biology questions, a history essay and an english essay. Ahh, the problems that lying give to me and yet I still continue with this awful habit!


  1. LOL! I was on that popcorn diet, too! ;)

  2. The storyteller/liar correlation actually makes sense to me...yet I'm not an example of it. I feel too uncomfortable lying, most of the time. Heh.

  3. @ Janet. Did you lose any weight? Because I gained like 4lbs!

    @ Heather. I don't feel uneasy though. It's become second nature to me!

  4. Well, I realized that my irony and sarcasm isn't universally identifiable. I will sarcastically say something with a straight face like, "I love Twilight so much!!!!" (insert a little[lot of] hyperventilation)And people believe me. It's off putting :(

  5. So the biology qs, the English essay, and the history essay--you mean you're working on your novel? :)

  6. @ xoxo. I do the same. Actually I just think my sacrasm isn't very good!

    @ Colin. lol no. That's my homework!


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