Sunday, 13 November 2011

5 Reasons Why I Love Winter

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While summer fades away, awesome winter comes into the picture. I think I have this obsession with winter because I dream of the cold. I dream of waking up one day and finding snow falling heavily. I dream of waking up and finding a thick layer of frost on the ground. But most of all, I love breathing in air so cold, your throat tickles.

I probably need to get some help.

But I guess we can assume that I am madly in love with winter. In fact, I always feel crushed when temperatures begin to rise and the sun is up for longer than it should, in my opinion.

So here are my reasons for loving winter so much:
  • I get to sit inside and drink warm cups of tea, while disillusioned adults run down the streets outside to get back home from the train station. I know this sounds really mean and yeah, I really am such a horrible person. But I always love being comfortable in front of the TV or my laptop, with a warm mug of tea while it's freezing cold outside and knowing that the adults who look down on teenagers like me are suffering! haha! No, I'm just kidding. I like being cosy and it's a bit hard to be cosy when it's so humid, a bird decides to make a nest in your hair. 
  •  TV is so much better in Winter. I really don't understand why but TV shows are better in Winter. And the best thing is the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I swear we should have one every day! and then there are the awesome Christmas time movies you get to watch with a plate of pasta and a fizzy drink.
  • Rain. I love it. I also love sleeping in my warm bed when it's raining pretty badly outside. 
  • Snow. I don't actually love playing in it as much as I probably should. This is how a snow day goes for me:
    • Wake up
    • See snow
    • Go back to bed because I know college is closed and nothing is better than being able to sleep in and knowing that due to the mess that the UK gets itself into every Winter, college will be closed for the next two day too!
  • The freezing cold weather kills off all the bugs and the spiders. And I HATE them. 

You might be wondering why I'm so obsessed with the weather. My answer: I'm British and we Brits are completely and utterly in love with talking/complaining about the weather.

Unfortunately, the weather has been a bit warm here for a while. Hopefully, the snow is coming soon! Fingers crossed for enough snow to make a snowman but not so much the roads come to a standstill.



  1. I wish that I could pack up the snow that we always end up stuck with in Canada and send it in a nice care package to you in the UK :) We get more than enough and I'm sure we could share the wealth. I pretty much only like snow in the month leading up to Christmas and after that I want it gone. Sadly, it can stick around until into April sometimes. Yay. Ah well, the grass is always greener I guess. Here's hoping you get all the snow you are hoping for :)

  2. Yes, fall TV shows kick the butts of Spring TV shows. I thought I was the only one who noticed.

  3. @ Jaime. I would love the snow! That's a long time. We get snow about once a year and it's gone within three days as Atlantic weather systems move in as the Siberian winds are pushed away :/

    @xoxo. They totally can! Nah, I noticed this a long time ago.

  4. I wish to experience a winter like yours at least once in my life. I have yet to ever experience snow!

  5. @ Heather. I'd love to experience a hot winter tbh. We are experiencing the warmest winter on record though. It's fun to watch the gas companies having financial problems as a result though!

  6. I actually consider my winters cold, not hot, despite the lack of snow...but that's because I don't know any different. My blood is thin, as my mom would say, haha.

  7. @ I've heard that some places in Arizona get snow. I must have thick blood then because I consider 80 degrees F to be hot and 40 to be just right!

  8. I wish to experience a hot winter one day though.

  9. Yeah, some cities here get snow, but they're nowhere near where I am. (It's apocalyptic if I see something like hail here!) I'm most definitely thin-blooded since 80 degrees doesn't seem that hot to me, haha.

  10. I love that Doctor Who has become so popular (again) that the Doctor Who Christmas Special is as much a part of everyone's Christmas Day in the UK as the Top of the Pops Christmas Special was for me when I was a teen.

    And the autumn/winter season is the one I miss most about the UK since moving to the US.

  11. It's a shame Top of the Pops was cancelled. That was how I discovered some really good singers!

    Where do you live in the US?


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