Sunday, 23 October 2011

Why I Write

Before I start this blog post, I hope those who have died in the tragic earthquake in Turkey rest in peace and hope that they get the help they need.

I've always been a quite person. Even when I was a child, I did my best to avoid speaking. Now, I still try to be quite as much as I can. 
I have always had an overactive imagination though. I like to dream about distant lands where dragons can speak English and people can breath fire. I like to think about what could possibly exist under my bed. My mind can never rest and I am always coming up with these stories. But I'm shy so I couldn't possibly tell these stories to people. I mess up my words and the stories seem to be so much better when they're written down. 

Writing stories down is the best thing you could do with them. I could just keep them in my mind but eventually, I'll forget and if it's written down, others can read it, even after I've died. 

If I write these stories down, it feels like they really do exist and I love picking them up again after a long time, to rediscover the worlds I've created. 



  1. When I write I feel like I'm letting my stories come to life too. It's like they are finally free to be apart of this world.

  2. I'm the same exact way! I was super-quiet growing up (still am), but always full of stories, even before I realized I wanted to be a writer. It's such a great feeling knowing that, by writing, we can still share those stories regardless of quietness!

  3. @ Tristyn. Exactly! That was what I was trying to say!

    @ Heather. I know. It's like our own way of communicating. I think a lot of writers are quiet and write because they'd rather write than talk.

  4. I love that movie, btw.

    And I do love living in worlds I've created from time to time. :)

  5. Same!

    I like to always have a character in my worlds who is exactly like me. but they're never a main character.

  6. Stories give you the confidence to speak.

  7. I am a lot like you. I also have an overactive imagination, and I find myself thinking about my own stories constantly. Writing them down is the perfect way to express them. In a book I don't seem as crazy as when I say, "There's all these people living in my head."

    Fun blog. You've got yourself a new follower. :)

  8. @ Rachel Frost. Hello! And thanks for following!

    I know! saying that to people gets a lot of weird looks but if you tell them you're a writer, they sort of accept it more.


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