Saturday, 29 October 2011

Reflections On My Writing Life - October

Hello! So this is something I'm going to be doing every month, during the last weekend of that month. It will just be a summary of everything that has happened to me as a writer. 

So, this is what happened to my writing life during October:

  • I stopped writing the Gothic novel I was working on. Although I was interested in writing about a teenager descending into madness, I got bored after a while and found that I'm not a good enough writer yet to write about something that's full of a great deal of emotion and execute it well.
  • I started writing a children's book and am currently towards the end of Chapter 2. I'm still planning the rest of the book, am brainstorming and have been thinking about how many books will follow the first since I see it as a series. After years of writing mostly YA paranormal, this has been a welcome change. I'm still a kid at heart and enjoy children's books more than YA books. Also, I've found that it's easier to write about wacky things for kids than it is for teens since my teenage self is concerned about fitting in and being normal and my childish self is concerned about messing around and having fun. 
  • I used to write all my work longhand up until I turned 15. I then wrote mostly on the computer and increased my usage of the pen during the ages of 17 and 18. I'm 19 now just in case you don't know and have now stopped using the computer completely and am back to writing with pens. I want to improve how I write on paper and also feel that my writing is better when I slow down and think very carefully about what I'm writing. 
In my opinion, this have been quite an eventful month for me. I've jumped through a number of genres, I've changed the target audience of my writing and I've changed how I write. I did think about November, especially NaNo, but have decided I won't be taking part because right now, I am busy with college work and have found that NaNo has never worked for me.

So, how was October for you?


    1. Thank you for the comment and the compliment!
      I plan on writing. There is something so inspirational and magical about paper and pen. Maybe I've just associated the computer with homework :P


    2. Hi Kamille!

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

      I give you props for writing long hand. I couldn't do it...the thoughts sometimes come out of my head too fast for typing let alone writing it out :)

      Love your blog!

    3. Hi kelley!

      I wouldn't say it's better or harder than writing on a computer. It's all dependent on what you're like as a person. I enjoy slowing down though. It makes it easier when I have to edit and I get writer's block less often.

      Thank you!

    4. Wow, October has definitely been busy for you, writing-wise! It's a shame your Gothic novel wasn't working out, but it's good to figure that kind of thing out sooner rather than later; you can always return to it another time! Also, good luck with your children's book! That genre is so fun. I hope to write for it myself someday, since I have a few book ideas for that genre already poking around in my head.

    5. I think so, especially the last week of it.

      Thanks. I definitely enjoy children's books more than YA which I now see as too saturated.

      I hope your writing in the YA genre goes better than it did for me! You definitely should try a kid's book. They're so much fun!

    6. I love to write by hand. The first draft of my manuscript was written in three notebooks. It was wonderful to write it like that.

    7. @ Miss Cole. Do you still write longhand?

      It is wonderful but in my opinion, it's only great when you have a great pen!


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