Friday, 28 October 2011

Movie Review: Johnny English Reborn

Considering this is a writing blog, I probably should post a book review sometime but I couldn't resist posting a review for this movie starring Rowan Atkinson.

I loved the first movie which was released in 2003 and I forgot about the movie since it was so long ago. But then I heard about the sequel on the radio and I had to watch it.

Non-Brits may not be so familiar with who Rowan Atkinson is. He's Mr Bean. Remember? The funny man on TV who doesn't talk but gets into trouble and has a teddybear as a friend? Wiki him if you still don't know. But this man is really funny! He's a genius.

So the beginning of the movie was brilliant. I won't say what happens but it was LOL. I was convinced this was going to at least be as funny as the first movie.

We got to see what had happened to Mr English between the first movie and the sequel which played a huge part in explaining what happens in this movie. We saw a cleaning lady who never seemed to disappear. She was an old lady but she was like a arse-kicking ninja. And she was slightly terrifying. There were some really funny scenes, such as the one with the wheelchair and the Grandma/Cleaning Lady/Queen confusion.

My favourite person in this movie, apart from Mr English, was Tucker. He's a new and young agent and we see some really good moments with him. He's not at funny as Mr English but he was much smarter.

Overall, this was a good movie with some brilliant laughs packed in. The ending was awesome and I was glad to have watched it.

I give it 5*s. And I hope there's another sequel. Considering this movie is doing well at the box office, there might actually be one. I don't know if it's been released in non-UK countries though. It has been released in the Netherlands and the Phillipines though.

Here's the trailer:



  1. Mr. Bean!!! I remember watching that a lot when I was a kid. (Thank you, PBS, for airing awesome British comedies!) If I ever come across these Johnny English movies, I'll definitely be giving them a chance--both because of your review and the fact I remember this actor being so hilarious. :P

  2. YAY! Another Mr Bean fan! I still watch his videos on Youtube!

    I know! He's funny, without even saying a word!

    I hope you enjoy them if you see them.

  3. Gotta say, I will always have difficulty seeing Rowan Atkinson as anybody but Mr. Bean (love him!) lol.

  4. I had a hard time getting past that too since I always watched Mr Bean and actually thought Rowan Atkinson was just like Mr Bean. When I heard him talk properly I was like "OMFG!"


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