Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Million Ideas per Hour

First of all, I just want to say that is it a sad thing that Steve Jobs passed away. He was definitely one of the greatest minds of our era. I hope he rests in peace.

On to the topic of today, Ideas. I've been having so many this week, I'm completely stumped. Usually, I'll write them down but now I'm so overwhelmed, the second I write one down, I have another two.

I've always wondered why I will go through a period of new ideas every few hours and then go through weeks of no inspiration or ideas whatsoever.

This is why it's important to write down all your ideas. When you write down your ideas, you'll have something to refer to when the ideas die down. I would seriously recommend a box or folder where you can put everything that inspires you or gives you ideas. This can be anything from photos, notes, diary entries, tickets and even food packaging. Don't matter about how weird your stuff is, if it means something, keep it. Just one object could spark a million ideas in you later on.

Are there any weird items/things that you keep for inspiration/ideas? Where do you keep this stuff? Do you let anything see it?



  1. I go through periods LIKE that, but wow, so many ideas per hour? Very cool! And I agree, I try to write them all down before I forget. They are currently spread out all over the place.

  2. Yeah. It's a bit tiring. I had another idea today in my English class and I now feel another one rising. Argh!

    Do you keep yours hidden? I know I do my best to make sure nobody ever sees them.

  3. I go through idea spurts too!!! Last week I swear they were jam packed in my head until I made like 5 lists of all of them. :)

  4. 5 lists? That's a lot! I'm sure you'll never run out of ideas with 5 lists!

  5. haha... :) I know but two of them turned in to arts and crafts I want to do too. Lets just say my creative ideas were bursting out!!

  6. That's one amazing creative blast. It's like adrenaline!

    I wish I could do arts and crafts stuffs but I have ten thumbs so yeah!


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