Saturday, 8 October 2011

8 Reasons Why Books Rock and People Don't

(This is a joke. Just thought I'd let you all know before I get hatemail for hating the human race.)

Books are better than real people. Here's why:

1) Once a book has been published it won't change. People change. Books don't. Your book will never ignore you or bitch about you.

2) Books don't talk back. Got a friend who doesn't stop being snarky at you? Just pick a book up. They're so much nicer than people!

3) Books don't have busy schedules. You don't have to call a book up and ask when it can go out. Books will sit on your shelf all day, unless someone picks the book up. Your book will never turn your offer for a night out down.

4) You can ignore your book and it will never try to get back at you for it. It doesn't have feelings.

5) It doesn't have feelings. Your book won't get angry at you. Or cry. And it won't ever have PMS!

6) Books don't die. People do. (God, this point is so depressing!)

7) You can write a book. You can't make people. If you're a woman, you need a guy to help you make someone. If you're a man, the woman only needs your help. You yourself, on your own, can't make a person. Unless you know how to clone. And if you can clone, just leave me a message explaining how. I need a clone badly.

8) You can exchange books for other books. Good luck exchanging your family or friends with another family or friends.

So yeah, books rule! But people are cool too! I think. I haven't been around people much for the past few weeks so I wouldn't know. Anyway. Ha!



  1. This is so TRUE!!! Hahaha... I loved it! :)

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!

  3. This list is so spot-on, and just plain awesome! I laughed-out-loud for real when I read #5. (PMS! Hahaha, EPIC.)

  4. Thank you! Only a girl could understand #5 but I'd be very surprised if a boy/guy did come across my blog.


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