Monday, 17 October 2011

10 Random Facts (I'm guessing about me)

Janet Sumner Johnson (clicky to read her blog) tagged me on her 10 Random Facts post. Now, because I'm blonde (I'm actually a brunette but that's a different story) I never realised she'd tagged me so I'm gonna be a bit late in doing this.

  1. I once swore in Spanish in front of my Spanish teacher. Instead of telling me off, she was happy that I was using the language in every day life.
  2. I used to tell my teachers in my first year of college that I left my homework on the train and needed an extension. If that was true, my homework is currently hiding on almost every train in the South East of England.
  3. I'm always lying, even when it's not necessary. I think I'll make a good lawyer (I am kidding).
  4. I used to distribute my homework around school. For free. I missed a good opportunity people!
  5. I'm scared of the dark. I'm actually not kidding on this. When I switch my lights off, I keep my little glitter suspended in water lamp on until I'm snug in bed and use my mobile as a light until I've got my head hidden under the blankets so the monsters can't get to me. Yes, I know, I'm a wuss.
  6. I get an itchy throat after eating most fruits. My throat hurts, gets phlegm-y and I feel like crap for a few days but I still eat fruits all the time.
  7. When it's dark outside, I can't look out of the window. It just freaks me out.
  8. I got my first Harry Potter book in 1998. I never finished reading The Philosopher's Stone until a year after I got it but still loved it from the very first day I bought it. The first time I read the books properly was in 2000.
  9. I want to do a stand-up gig one day. When I have the confidence.
  10. Before I die, I want to open a trust fund for an orphan in a poor country so that he/she can get a decent education and build a nice life for himself/herself.
Some of them may not be as 'random' as others but yeah.

I'm going to tag:

Jessica Love from Jessica Love Writes 
Heather H. from Edgy Author and Beside The Norm
Clare C. Greenstreet from The Life of a Wannabe Writer 

You don't have to do this if you don't want to.


  1. Very cool #10! And I love the idea of doing a stand-up gig. If had had the guts (and the funny), I think it would be cool, too.

    And like I said, low-stress tag. :)

  2. You don't have to be funny to be a standup comedian. You just have to be confident and laidback! Everything I'm not.

  3. LOL @ #1! Spanish teachers can be so awesome sometimes. XD

    As for #5, if it makes you feel any better, I'm utterly petrified of leaving my closet door open. (Darn monster-in-the-closet stories....)

    I absolutely love what you had to say for #10. Here's hoping you can make that a reality someday!

    Also, thanks for tagging me! I'll do my best to put together ten random facts this week. :)

  4. What a fab teacher! And I love your number ten, that's a really lovely goal to have. I hope you achieve it!

  5. I know. She used to bring us sweets from Spain!

    Same here! I had a huge wardrobe put over my closet because I was so paranoid. at least now I get to wear my fur coat and 'disappear' to Narnia when I feel like it!

    Me too. Despite growing up in a working class family with not a lot of spare money after the bills are paid, I feel very grateful that I was able to grow up in a country that's much safer than the one my parents grew up in. And even though my education has been poor, at least I've had the tools to help myself. I just want someone else to have the same opportunities as I have had.

    No problem! Take it easy!

  6. @ Jayne. Thank you! I don't know how much money I'll be saving up for it but I hope it's at least £15,000 which I should guess is around $22,000.


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