Thursday, 8 September 2011

The World Doesn't Stop Changing

While you will often remain the same person you were five years ago, everyone else seems to have moved on or changed. I know this is the case with me. The people who I was best friends with a few years ago don't really talk to me anymore and I can't even remember what they sound like. And yes, that does sound sad.

We can't stop the world changing, we just have to be able to move along with it.

When I left secondary school to enter college, I was dumbstruck. I couldn't understand what was going on. I couldn't deal with such a huge change. I couldn't cope with my feelings and emotions. I couldn't change along with the times. And unfortunately, there was no one really there who could see what was happening. I got really bad grades that year and had to leave the college. Plus, my chances of becoming a doctor now are very slim.

I am now doing just slightly better now days. While I'm still having some problems (who doesn't struggle in life), I'm doing better than I was in my first year of college.

A piece of advice: identify the situation and note down how you need to cope with it. How can you cope with it? Do you have any strategies? A good idea is to look at other people and try and note down how they are coping and use it on yourself.

The most important piece of advice I'll probably ever give out: Don't let changes ever destroy you. The world will change. Your world will change. Don't like it? Just wait a while.

Note: it's my birthday which is why I wanted to write such a thoughtful mood. This is the last year of my teenage years. Lets hope it can be a good one!


  1. This is so, so true. Changes will happen--it's impossible for them NOT to--so we just have to learn to adapt instead of fight it. (I know I've certainly dealt with some major changes in life already and will be experiencing some more sometime soon...)

    Also, happy (belated) birthday! :D


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