Sunday, 25 September 2011

Pen names

I know that posting regularly is one of the most important rules of keeping a blog. And I have broken it pretty badly. A mix of college, uni applications and being ill have kept me stupidly busy over the past month.

So here is a post on pen names. I've had many over the past few years and due to them being pure embarrassing, I won't be telling you what they were apart from my most recent: Kamille Elahi. I quite like this pen name but I've always fallen in love with others and I don't really know if I should stick to it. It's better than Ghostie Girl though, which sounds rather childish and since I'm now 19, I should think about something a bit more grown up.

It's very tempting to change my pseudonym every few weeks but I'm looking for something I'll still like in 3 years. I don't really like my name so I'll keep it hidden for now. I'll tell you my real name when I feel more confident to let people know. I'm always hated my name and I think everyone else does to. It's hard for people to pronounce if they're not from the Indian Subcontinent and even then, I've met people from the area who can't spell it right (there are a few different spellings).

If you want to be a writer, you kind of need a name which will help serve as an image of you. People will judge you before they see you if they know your name. If you're called "Bannigoolio Riverspickle" then you should probably think about either changing your name or coming up with a pen name. Nobody is going to take you seriously with that name. Although I think I should hope that nobody out there is actually called "Bannigoolio Riverspickle" because I would like to think parents aren't that mean. If that was my name then I probably would never be able to forgive my parents.

So, if you know any nice names, please could you leave them in the comments? Thanks.


  1. I don't think anyone out there is named "Bannigoolio Riverspickle," but I wouldn't be surprised to find people with names just as cruel, since there *are* parents with poor judgment when it comes to naming sometimes.

    And I know what you mean about blog-posting! I've done such a poor job of it this year myself. (Trying to get better at it, though!)

  2. The parents who names their son "Adolf Hitler" come to mind. I don't think parents consider that the child will actually have to live with the name. They probably think "That's such a byootiful name" and yes, I know that is not how you spell beautiful but so many people pronounce it like that, that it sounds funny!

    I should probably put reminders on my phone. It's early onset Alzheimers (just kidding).


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