Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Video That Will Break Your Heart

When you see someone in need, you help them up and ask if they need help. You do not steal from them.

I remember when I'd fallen and hurt myself once. People didn't steal from me. A kind woman had helped me up and had given me a tissue so I could clean the blood off my leg (I had a nasty scrape from falling off a swing). Unfortunately for this boy, Mohammed Asyraf, who is a Malaysian student in London and had been fasting all day (he was going to a friend's house to break his fast), there was no one there to help him. One gang had beaten him up and another passing gang took a PSP, a phone and his money I think. I think his bike was stolen from him to. I felt so sad that no one was there to help him. He has a broken jaw and now needs surgery. His mother is trying to get the funds to visit him.

So please, if you see someone hurt or in need, help them.

Happy Ghostings!

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