Wednesday, 10 August 2011

London Riots of 2011

Enough of the pictures I guess. This has nothing to do with writing but it is something that has really affected me.

What started out as a peaceful protest of the shooting of a man who hadn't even shot at the police in the first place, descended into chaos as mindless teenagers and those in their 20s decided to show the world how stupid they are. Violence has continued into the fourth night and has spread to other English cities.

This really makes me sad.

Last year, when students were protesting about the rise in tuition fees for unis (which was a 300% rise) made me feel proud. I was so happy that people my age could stand up for something they believed in. Young people got off their settees and went out into the streets to do something. Sure, some of these protests turned chaotic but they were generally peaceful. But this makes me ashamed to be a youth in England.

I know it's only a minority that are doing this, but it's still horrendous. People have been attacked in the streets. Innocent people have lost their homes and businesses and worst of all, these thugs seem to have no idea what they're doing. They're destroying their own community.

I love my town (I live close to London but not in London and thankfully, there has been no violence where I live) and I would never want to see it go up in flames. So how these idiots can damage their own homes, I don't know.

Some of these teens are just plain dumb. One girl said this is happening to show the police that young people can do what they want.

Some other teen said she was trying to get her taxes back. I didn't know people paid taxes to Currys (an electrics store) and at the age of 15.

I feel ashamed of being in the same age bracket as these idiots. And I really hope this stops soon and those involved are punished.

The youth of the Middle East rise up to get their freedom. The youth of England rise up for 40" plasma screen TVs. Disgusting.

Happy Ghostings.

Just a little update - It is sad but I feel the need to say this. It wasn't just young people in the riots. There were even parents of these thugs involved. What happened to decent parenting?


  1. Those pictures are devastating. Especially the woman jumping from the burning building. I hope she's OK. Thanks for sharing them.

    This does seem to be a time of mass self-destruction, doesn't it? A small group of self-centered and profoundly ignorant thugs are trying to destroy the USA, too. Unfortunately they've been elected to office. But they have the same attitude as your thugs--they want destruction, and they want it now, and if they hurt their own children and grandparents--who cares?

    The bankers will win in the end.

    It is a bizarre quirk of human nature that people under stress turn on themselves. It's happened in all the worst riots in this country. In Watts and Detroit in the 1960s, black people rose up in fury to destroy... their own neighborhoods. Other black people. Makes no sense.

    And the bankers won in the end.

    Thanks for giving us this view from the front lines.

  2. Some pictures out there are absolutely heartbreaking. Many innocent people have been hurt. The woman is safe last time I heard.

    Who are the thugs trying to destroy the US? Tea Party?

    It is strange isn't it? You'd think people would love their home. But this isn't a race thing. It's a class thing. These people have nothing to lose and will end up criminals anyway.

    No problem.

  3. It IS terrible. I almost wanted to cry over these pictures. If you have a problem with something, don't ruin innocent people. (Peacefully) resolve it with whoever it is you have a problem with.
    I haven't watched the news recently, and so I hadn't heard of these riots. It really shocked me. Like you said, I don't mind peaceful riots for a righteous cause, but this is not that.
    Thanks for letting me know of this.

  4. I know. So many are shocked by this. Young people here are having a tough time but this is a slap in the face for those of us who are trying to work hard.


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