Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Decline of Handwriting

Back when I was learning to write properly in school, I was taught to write with curves and arcs and to join up my handwriting. I loved italic cursive. It was pretty. It looked nice. But it was hard.

Recently, cursive has been shunned by teachers who want to teach an easier method of writing to students. The result is, a large number of children who can't even read their own handwriting. This may be helpful for teachers of younger children but the result is older children who get fail grades by their teachers because they couldn't read their writing.

This has resulted in questions being asked by many. Will we stop writing by hand? How will the future generations read writing?

I read a report a while ago that claimed future generations will have to take handwritten notes to handwriting experts to have it understood.

I can understand handwriting is a pain in the arse but I also don't want to see it disappear. I want to be able to write cheeky notes to people in my classes, write "I wasn't here" on the walls of public toilets and just be able to enjoy writing in my diary. Somehow, writing my personal thoughts on a computer scares me. I'd rather keep it in writing.

So what do you think? Do you want to see handwriting go? Do you think the future generations won't learn to write at all?

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  1. I completely agree. I'd miss writing way too much if it disappeared. ;D

  2. I love handwriting and seeing others' handwriting. Longhand books are an obsession of mine. I'd hate to see it go

    <3 a new follower

  3. @ Jessie, I don't think I'd miss the hand cramps though. I would miss being able to spend hours deciding on which pens to buy though.

    @ Kelley, hi! Yeah, I admire other peoples' handwriting but mine tends to be a chicken scrawl if I'm not paying attention.

  4. I completely agree with you, but I believe the decline of handwriting is due to the digital age we're living in. Pre-schoolers are now almost obliged to use iPads as their main learning tool. Computer typing will eventually replace the ART of handwriting, forget about cursive or non-cursive handwriting, it will be altogether. It is a shame to see it happen.

  5. Yes, computers are replacing handwriting but I think that handwriting will put up a good fight. It's a bit hard to write "I wasn't here" in a public toiler using your mobile. And I doubt people are going to print off their shopping lists using a computer and then stick it on the fridge door.

    Kids here are still writing the old fashioned way. they're just not learning to join their letters up. No matter what happens, there will always be a need for a pen or pencil but I think the majority of the population will soon stop using traditional methods.

    And if you look deeply into it, not everyone will be able to afford gadgets. A doubt children in Tanzania will be able to afford iPads in the near future.

  6. I'm sorry for the really long post.

  7. join up handwriting is the best for me
    what about you?

  8. My handwriting is hard to describe but it looks like this

    I love cursive but I don't join up every single letter. I just have disorganised handwriting.

  9. hahahaha, in the USA cursive is going out the door. back when I was in school in the 80's and 90's...we still learned the fresh crops dont...result...if I write something in my 32yr old proper cursive writing and a 18year old reads it...they cant! Im in nursing school right now and had a project and this 18yr old who never learnt cursive actually argued with me over my cursive letter "l"...she didnt realize in cursive the l has a big loop with little squigles at the front and back to join...yes...she DID NOT KNOW THIS! when I asked her how she wrote and she showed me her handwriting which was basically very bad block lettering...ah yes...its a shame. This is why my son is def. going to learn cursive because even if these youngesters dont know it, the older generation does so there is still a need...and yes its an art!

    1. I don't think cursive is for everyone though. My cousin writes in block letters because if she didn't, her handwriting would be awful. She's just got fairly short hands so it makes it easier for her.

      I can write in cursive and I try to but when I'm in an exam and my hand hurts, I just write however I want. As long as the pain is relieved, I'm happy.

      I'm just sad it isn't being taught to kids. Calligraphy should also be taught imo.

  10. I don't even know what cursive is. We just learn how to write properly. Just enough so that if we wrote it as an 'a', then people see it as an 'a'.

    I do love writing. And i did learn some Arabic calligraphy before. It was fun.


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