Tuesday, 16 August 2011

De-stressing - Because Stress Sucks

I'm just a day and 10 hours away from getting my college results so I'm stressed to the point that I keep snapping at people.

Anyway here are some of the ways I've been calming down:

- Watch a TV show or Movie that you love. It'll help get your mind off things.
- Drink some warm tea. Just don't put too much sugar in. That stuff isn't good for you.
- Sit in a dark room and concentrate on your breathing. Humming can be useful.
- Go on a walk. Nature is beautiful so enjoy it. If you live in a city, go to the park or take a trip to a nature reserve for the day.
- Bad for your health but can comfort you in wonderful ways. Just don't eat too much. Chocolate cake is good too.
Exercise - it'll get oxygen to your brain and you'll feel refreshed. Endorphins will make you feel happy too.

So what de-stress techniques do you use?


  1. I'm a fan of the "watching a TV show/movie" technique...although sometimes I'm so stressed, I get too distracted to even do something as simple as that! (Haha.) Other times, I'll read some of my old Archie comics or a Lynne Ewing book I've already read to death. Nothing like nostalgia to help calm a girl down! ;)

    Hope those college results of yours were GOOD college results! :D

  2. Comics are great when you need to calm down! I take my Beano comics out.

    Thanks. They weren't good but they weren't as bad as last year.


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