Tuesday, 16 August 2011

De-stressing - Because Stress Sucks

I'm just a day and 10 hours away from getting my college results so I'm stressed to the point that I keep snapping at people.

Anyway here are some of the ways I've been calming down:

- Watch a TV show or Movie that you love. It'll help get your mind off things.
- Drink some warm tea. Just don't put too much sugar in. That stuff isn't good for you.
- Sit in a dark room and concentrate on your breathing. Humming can be useful.
- Go on a walk. Nature is beautiful so enjoy it. If you live in a city, go to the park or take a trip to a nature reserve for the day.
- Bad for your health but can comfort you in wonderful ways. Just don't eat too much. Chocolate cake is good too.
Exercise - it'll get oxygen to your brain and you'll feel refreshed. Endorphins will make you feel happy too.

So what de-stress techniques do you use?

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Video That Will Break Your Heart

When you see someone in need, you help them up and ask if they need help. You do not steal from them.

I remember when I'd fallen and hurt myself once. People didn't steal from me. A kind woman had helped me up and had given me a tissue so I could clean the blood off my leg (I had a nasty scrape from falling off a swing). Unfortunately for this boy, Mohammed Asyraf, who is a Malaysian student in London and had been fasting all day (he was going to a friend's house to break his fast), there was no one there to help him. One gang had beaten him up and another passing gang took a PSP, a phone and his money I think. I think his bike was stolen from him to. I felt so sad that no one was there to help him. He has a broken jaw and now needs surgery. His mother is trying to get the funds to visit him.

So please, if you see someone hurt or in need, help them.

Happy Ghostings!

London Riots of 2011

Enough of the pictures I guess. This has nothing to do with writing but it is something that has really affected me.

What started out as a peaceful protest of the shooting of a man who hadn't even shot at the police in the first place, descended into chaos as mindless teenagers and those in their 20s decided to show the world how stupid they are. Violence has continued into the fourth night and has spread to other English cities.

This really makes me sad.

Last year, when students were protesting about the rise in tuition fees for unis (which was a 300% rise) made me feel proud. I was so happy that people my age could stand up for something they believed in. Young people got off their settees and went out into the streets to do something. Sure, some of these protests turned chaotic but they were generally peaceful. But this makes me ashamed to be a youth in England.

I know it's only a minority that are doing this, but it's still horrendous. People have been attacked in the streets. Innocent people have lost their homes and businesses and worst of all, these thugs seem to have no idea what they're doing. They're destroying their own community.

I love my town (I live close to London but not in London and thankfully, there has been no violence where I live) and I would never want to see it go up in flames. So how these idiots can damage their own homes, I don't know.

Some of these teens are just plain dumb. One girl said this is happening to show the police that young people can do what they want.

Some other teen said she was trying to get her taxes back. I didn't know people paid taxes to Currys (an electrics store) and at the age of 15.

I feel ashamed of being in the same age bracket as these idiots. And I really hope this stops soon and those involved are punished.

The youth of the Middle East rise up to get their freedom. The youth of England rise up for 40" plasma screen TVs. Disgusting.

Happy Ghostings.

Just a little update - It is sad but I feel the need to say this. It wasn't just young people in the riots. There were even parents of these thugs involved. What happened to decent parenting?

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Decline of Handwriting

Back when I was learning to write properly in school, I was taught to write with curves and arcs and to join up my handwriting. I loved italic cursive. It was pretty. It looked nice. But it was hard.

Recently, cursive has been shunned by teachers who want to teach an easier method of writing to students. The result is, a large number of children who can't even read their own handwriting. This may be helpful for teachers of younger children but the result is older children who get fail grades by their teachers because they couldn't read their writing.

This has resulted in questions being asked by many. Will we stop writing by hand? How will the future generations read writing?

I read a report a while ago that claimed future generations will have to take handwritten notes to handwriting experts to have it understood.

I can understand handwriting is a pain in the arse but I also don't want to see it disappear. I want to be able to write cheeky notes to people in my classes, write "I wasn't here" on the walls of public toilets and just be able to enjoy writing in my diary. Somehow, writing my personal thoughts on a computer scares me. I'd rather keep it in writing.

So what do you think? Do you want to see handwriting go? Do you think the future generations won't learn to write at all?

Happy Ghostings!