Thursday, 21 July 2011

Really Weird Introduction Post That No One Will Read

I guess introductions should be made by me for the sake of basic manners.

I have a name but it isn’t ghostiegirl. I would tell you my name but I want to be able to write a  blog without people I know finding it. I’m 18, have no money and wish to be an author one day.

My mind is currently being taken over by two novels I have been working on. One is a sort of children’s fantasy which includes some elements of a dystopian and the other is a Gothic young adult novel set in the modern day and in the early 1700’s.

I’m hoping to finish one of them by the end of the year so I can edit and then send off to agents which should be fun. I know you’re probably setting yourself up for an automatic rejection when you query an agent but there’s no other way unfortunately. Either that or I walk into the dark and dangerous world of self-publishing.

I don’t have anything wrong with self-publishing but it’s very difficult to get somewhere if you are a self-published author and not all of us are Amanda Hocking.

I’ve written many blogs before but I’ve always just walked away from them or have deleted them. I usually get to a point that I stop posting and see no reason to. When you first create a blog, you fall in love and you post nearly every day but after a few weeks, the novelty wears off and you soon dread having to come up with another post. The other problem is readers. When you’re first starting off, you don’t usually have any and so have to work at getting people to come on your blog. Often, you will get tired and will eventually drop off the face of the blogging world.  

I will now end this post as I have to go fill out job applications (stupid recession), write my novels, do my summer homework (yes, I am incredibly unlucky) and drink something (because I have a sore throat).

Happy Ghostings To All!

Ghostie Girl


  1. Happy new blog. Love the look. Don't abandon it. Learn to slow blog (once a week or less)

    You can read all about it on my blog. Scroll down to the "popular posts" and click on "How to blog, part duh." That will lead to my other how to blog posts. Nothing wrong with being professional, even at 18. It's never too early to establish your writing persona. If you don't want friends to know your writing self, you could think of a pseudonym you want to use for your books and put it in your header--start building your brand.

    I loved your comment on my blog about what publishing might look like in ten years. It's inspired me to write about it. The post will go live on Sunday.

    Keep writing, but don't send out to agents too soon. Give yourself time to enjoy writing before you give your life over to a boss who will make you grind out 2-5 books a year.

    Whatever publishing looks like in 10 years--or even one year--it won't be the same as now.

  2. Thank you! This will definitely be something I will be sticking to (and not only because I need to list something in my applications to universities).

    I'm reading the post now which is very interesting. I've thought of a few pseudonyms but I don't know which to pick. Is your name a pseudonym?

    Aw, it's so cool to inspire a blog post! I'll make sure to read it! (can't wait!)

    Publishing will change for sure. If only I could see the future!

  3. Hmmm... very interesting point you have brought up. about the fact the novelty of blogs wear off. but doesn't everything, unless you are able to keep things fresh and new.

    All forms of networking get upgraded and are changing all the time, i guess you have to be on par with the 'world wide web' and be good friends with the nerds and geeks to keep in the run of it all. BUt yes i too have blogged and then unblogged and have found that is the best way to keep it going.

    Anyway to my point, your novel of Gothic young adults based in the 1700s, may i ask why those times?

  4. Hello AlyXandra! :) I guess so. It seems you have to be able to keep up with the internet but I think my problem seems to be that I generally lose interest in everything. I'm a bit ADD like that.

    I chose the 1700s because I wanted to set that part of the novel just before the last woman was executed for being a witch in England (1716 I think). And I needed to set this part before the US Declaration of Independence since some people escape to the New World during this time (in my novel).

  5. Sho. Fair point, but then do you not lose interest in your novels?

    Wow, so you have really thought this out. Fair enough i really didn't know about witches in England. I shall go find more information on that. New world, cool! it all sounds very interestin do let me or your readers of when it is published, i do think i might read it :)

  6. Unfortunately, yes. There are so many novels I haven't finished. They're just sitting around somewhere.

    I've been working on the novel for a year. And I'm a compulsive planner! I will do! Thanks :)

  7. Cool! Looking forward to it.

    Just sitting around, ah i see. well best of luck


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